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#29 Ryan Allen

Sante Fe, NM

1916 Indian Powerplus

What is the Motorcycle Cannonball?

Not just a trip but a journey for sure, trying to pilot a century old motorcycle across the USA can really test your sanity.

Image that the paved back roads of today would’ve been a godsend to the frontier motorcycle rider.
Consider then the roads of today have become the motorcycles eternal spirit home ridden still as a testament of their fabrication from a great era. The paved roads can also be their undoing with an unbridled path before them, the temptation of speed taxes the machine while pushing their limits further. These machines still have lessons for us and the CB will flush out the weakest little thing that could make you a pedestrian. Test and retest become elements of success in this endeavor. Ultimately, the CB gives us the opportunity of another ride to be ridden, another story to be told, and another lesson to be learned.

What has the Cannonball done?

It has community written all over it.

The CB bares responsible for the resurrection of many machines and like sorcery they have been made whole again. Image the network it takes to revive something 100 years old and you can see it is hard to be anti social with such a task. It is then easy to understand how the CB builds relationships for better or worse.
One really great aspect is the public enjoys the experience of seeing this rolling museum and are genuinely inquisitive to see such a spectacle.
Meeting the different people is rewarding whether it be at a gas station, on the road, or at a stop while experiencing urban and rural USA.
And as riders, support, and staff make their way across the country, it is like one big family with all the emotions included.

Let’s not forget that the Cannonball is hard work for all involved.

You might be having some thoughts of lunacy while on or in your preparation for the CB but remember, there are hundreds of others like you who are doing it for common reasons and their trench is just as tough, wide, and deep. The hard work pays off and there are always challenges but these elements motivate us to resolve this almost obsessed relationship of riding a two wheeled time machine across the country.

The Cannonball is so much more but these are some reminders to why we do it.

Why do I ride the Cannonball?

It has become a way to set goals and try to achieve that goal and be an example to myself. Sometimes we don’t always like what is before us but this event gives me a chance to put my ideas to work and have a really great time with like minded friends who support you as you support them. It is really important to me to be surrounded by positive can do will do attitude. I know how hard the event is and I revel in it because it might just answer some things about myself and those around me. I can’t tell you how many epiphanies I have had while riding on the CB. We all get our zen in different ways and I think the CB has become a wonderful life event for me.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Portland ME and the parts in between to Portland OR.
This is going to be a hard ride that will be rewarded in mysterious ways once again.

Thank you Lonnie Isam Jr. for having an idea.
And thank you Jason Sims for all that you have done to make this continue to happen.

Ryan Allen #29