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#34 Ben Pierce

Burlington, VT

1926 Ner-a-car

Ben is a former software engineer who got into motorcycles for the first time with a 1956 BMW R50 which he still owns.  He’s ridden that bike from Vermont to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Quebec, and many other places around New England.  He’s worked at The Daily Rider in Burlington Vermont since 2010 where he repairs and restores old and new motorcycles and scooters.  He also participates in vintage motorcycle road racing on solo and sidecar bikes in the USCRA.  He rode in the 2018 Cannonball on Team Arcane with Bob Addis, Brian Pease and Bonnie Pease.  That time out he was on Bob’s 1923 Ner-a-Car, the same model Cannonball Baker took across the country.  The bike ran well, with only a couple fuel flow issues and a moderate crash along the way.  The only fatal casualty of that crash was an iPhone.  Top speed of 31mph was something of a handicap, however, considering the race had a tighter schedule than Baker’s original trip.  For 2020 Bob and Ben will be fielding another Ner-a-Car, a late model British version with a larger motor and a wider ratio gearbox.  Hopefully this time Ben will be able to ride up hills instead of pushing up hills!

Ben’s Rider Video Here: