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#35 Jon Dobbs

Boulder Junction, WI

1916 Harley Davidson

Someone once said, “I’d rather be a rider for a day then a spectator for a lifetime.” Nothing could be more true.

My name is Jon Dobbs and I love motorcycles. My adventure motorcycling disease started when I left town one day, drove to Alaska, and returned nearly three months and 13,000 miles later. Last September I had the time of my life riding my 1915 Harley Davidson in the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball. If there was an award for the most inexperienced and unprepared antique motorcycle rider, I certainly would have have the trophy. My girl Jaci was my support crew and we cannot say enough about the Cannonball organizers who worked incredibly hard to put this magnificent race together. Each and every day was an experience better than the last and we made friendships to last a lifetime.