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#42 Michael Bruso

Forest City, NC

1926 Harley-Davidson JD

I am a part of Team BAR  “Broke Ass Racing” along with Jake Martin #123. I grew up riding dirt bikes and four wheelers in Malone, a small town on the Canadian border in Northern NY.   Come to think of it, I actually had my motorcycle license before my drivers license.
Most of my free time is consumed with antique motorcycles. I’m either driving cross country to pick up a bike, sell a bike or participate in an event.  Recently, I was part of the  2019 Chase.   I am very active in AMCA both locally and nationally.  I am currently the Director of the Southern National Meet at Denton, NC.

I think we can all say this past year has been a little crazy.   To top it all off I will be getting married less than two weeks before we leave for the Cannonball.    Not sure if she is happy about the honeymoon being the Cannonball but in all fairness I did tell her the day we met that I had a slight motorcycle obsession.