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#45 Peter Arundel

Victoria, Australia

1928 Indian Chief

In 1968 Peter Arundel purchased his first motorcycle. In 1975 started working in the building industry as a carpenter, in the same year purchased his first Indian motorcycle a 1924 chief, which started a lifelong passion for the brand. By 1981 he had started his own building company Arundel Constructions which focused on property development around Melbourne Australia.

Over the next forty years he amassed one of the best Indian motorcycle collections in the world notably, 12 race bikes, one of every 4 cylinder, and numerous chiefs and scouts, during this period Peter started Wigwam Engineering. Responsible for the first overhead valve conversion kit for an Indian chief (marketed as the Tomahawk)
In 1993 he cofounded with David Reidie, the Great Race an annual challenge between antique Harleys and Indians. This year marked the 25th Great Race.

In 1998 Peter built a 1924 Indian 8 valve which broke numerous lap records at Australian road racing circuits, in 2002 Peter took the Indian 8 Valve to the salt on Lake Gardiner in South Australia where it achieved a record speed of 158.73 MPH.

Over the last decade he has found an interest in cross country trips riding his trusted 1936 chief unsupported across remote dirt roads in the Australian outback, covering north to south a 10000km round trip and east to west 6000km which sparked his interest in competing in the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball where Peter will be celebrating 50 years of riding motorcycles.