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#51 “Panhead Pat” Settersten

Monrovia, MD

1929 Harley-Davidson JD

   Hi, “Panhead” Pat Settersten here, the owner/rider of a 1929 Harley JD, hailing from Monrovia, Md. a small community outside of Frederick, Md.      

   I have always loved things mechanical, motorcycles and racing. I had a couple motorcycles before I brought home my first Harley, a Panhead, hence the nickname, in boxes when I was about 20, I was hooked!

   After working in several gas stations & small shops for years in 1989 I decided to start my own auto repair shop. The motorcycle shop (PAT’S CYCLE WORKS) was opened and incorporated into the picture around 2005.
Having heard about the Bonneville Salt flats as a kid and been a racer most all my life I wanted to try something different, Land Speed Racing.  In 2007 I built a LSR bike from extra parts around the shop, friends garages & E-bay and went racing. I now hold numerous Land Speed Records and the honor of having the worlds fastest (?) 80″ Evo.

   With Evo’s, Shovelheads, Panheads & Flatheads in my garage it was time to add an even older bike. I heard of a project, “actually a pile of parts” bike from a local basement that he was saving for himself but decided to sell. And so again another Harley came home in boxes. After about a year and a half of figuring out what went where, what I still needed, finding or fabricating it she came to life on the second kick Christmas Day 2018. She is far from the prettiest but she isn’t sitting in pieces in a basement.

   Several friends were involved with & rode in the Motorcycle Cannonball in previous years and now having a bike that fit the criteria I thought, “time for a new adventure” so I filled out an application. Didn’t think I had a chance but thought “what the heck, y’a never know”! I didn’t say anything to my wife & kinda forgot about it till one day  I received the email, we were accepted!!! 

I am looking forward to an AWESOME adventure and making a bunch of new friends!