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#57 Landon Bateman

When Landon, a new graduate of The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Arizona answered a help wanted ad on KSL, he never dreamed it would put him on the fast track to success. Most Harley-Davidson service departments won’t even let you touch a Harley or work on any serious motors until you’ve done your “time” so-to-speak. Not Rick Salisbury, he did the exact opposite, he pointed to a completely disassembled motor (bike?) and told him to put it back together. Landon, who was handed an unprecedented opportunity could have cowered, but instead rose to the occasion. He now has more expertise than technicians with far more years under their belt. Landon has a passion for vintage bikes and enjoys the challenge they present (most the time). “Vintage bikes are terrible to work on,” Landon quips. “Something is always breaking and it is difficult if not impossible to find parts. It’s a lot more challenging but we are lucky and have “Rose,” so if we can’t find it, he makes it for us.” He smiles, as he tweaks on a 1995 Evo Top End.

In September 2018 Landon will ride with the Legends Motorcycle Team in his very first Cannonball Run.