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#61 Robb Priske

The West Kootenays we consider the best place in the world and we are proud Canadians

Our entry, #6, is a re engineered 1928 J D built as a 61 inch .motor, 1000 cc. Modern brakes, V L transmission, upgraded electrical; a Harley J D cutaway heavily influenced by John J D Cameron.
The theme is function over form with a view of modifications to improve performance and safety.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. A marriage of old metal and new.

Main builder is Master Harley mechanic Jim Hoye of Hoyes Place, Pinantan Lake. One of the most high end shops just outside Kamloops, British Columbia. From a 7.63 nitro fuelled drag bike to going down the road vintage bikes plus, plus, plus are the accomplishments of a life time motorcycle mechanic.

Shout outs are tough because I am going to miss someone as so many are involved:
Lonnie Isam Jr who started something none of us could have envisioned.

Rob Nussbaum Retrocycle, not enough can be said about Rob and his crew.

Mike Bell Texas, Fellow Cannonballer, long time friend, we both crossed the Florida / Georgia State line in 1980 on our way to Daytona 1980 in a freak snow storm as one example of our shared adventures.

Rich Rau, R R Hawg shop Newport Oregon and our extended Oregon family, best friends a man can have.

Larry and Shelley Boden, Tsawwassen BC, brother and sister from other Mothers

Larry Lapointe and Mike Jensen from Cranbrook, BC machinists whose assistance and influence is so appreciated.

Eldon Brown, Milestone Vintage Motorcycle Restoration Vernon BC, parts source, services and helpful information and a heck of a nice guy.

Al Cleary, Stroker Cycles Grand Forks BC who keeps all of our bike going down the road.

J D Jugs in Australia who is recreating history and whose cylinders I am proud to be using

Fasttruck, Nelson BC, our local riding group who offer financial and spiritual sponsorship

Mary and Grant, Jim and Jen and All the Toad Rockers. Toad Rock Motorcycle Campground Balfour British Columbia where the fun never stops

On and on the list could go. For myself the folks and friendships garnered are so represented in this build and pending ride.

I tell people I have been buying, riding and losing money on motorcycles since 1963. Bought my 1st for $75.00 spent money on it and sold it for $45.00. Not much has changed, just bigger numbers.

Thanks to all I have met as their influence is represented in this build.

James and Jane see you in Portland or en route

Robb Priske

Team ” The West Kootenay Boys”

Dale Grayson # 28 1923 Indian Chief
Robb Priske # 61 1928 Harley J D

Support crew:
Martinus Slootweg
Betty Armstrong
Donna Grayson