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#66 Juergen Ullrich

Arnstein, Germany

1911 Harley-Davidson 7B

Hi everyone, I am Juergen of Arnstein-Gaenheim in Germany.

I rode the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball on my 1915 Harley-Davidson after I visited Cannonball 2014 and met Lonnie Isam Jr. at my home here in Germany.

The plan was that my dad Herbert rides the 1915 as rider number 61 and myself my 1911 with rider number 60, but than I had an accident on my 1911 Harley Davidson right before Cannonball and my dad and myself decided to share the experience of a lifetime together on my 1915. Finally we had to face a lot of break downs and problems the first days of CB 16 so that I ended up riding all days and we had a great time!

2018 I was registered as well but sadly hat to cancel for business reasons!  but 2020 I am back, and really happy to go for that ride with my CB buddies.

Every time I look back to my 2016 experience I say to myself: Do I really want to have all that trouble again? YES, because there are real friends riding the motorcycle cannonball and there is nothing better than share the best time in life with these valuable people!

But I rode a lot more than just the Motorcycle Cannonball. I rode a  lot in Europe, last year some weeks in New Zealand with my girl friend and off road through Africa with a friend some years ago.

Riding in the US – sure  -I visited all 50 states already, rode thousands of miles and did a cost to coast together with my father Herbert already in 2008, starting from Santa Barbara, riding to LA, Minneapolis and down to Fort Lauderdale, FL – 5000 mls  in 11 days – but, on “modern motorcycles:” a 1965 Panhead Chopper and a 1981 Sturgis

Motorcycles are a big part of my life – besides my work running my engineering company consulting, planning and building large bakeries. I started with more modern motorcycles in 1982 as I bought my first bike a NSU Max from 1953 – than it got more modern and then I turned back time until I ended up with my 1911 Harley-Davidson  and a collection of motorcycles that I call museum and get visitors all the time to not just see the bikes, but more important to hear the stories I have to tell!

So let´s see how it goes 2020! I am super excited!