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#67 Jon Turney

Hi, my name is Jon Turney, and the bike I have chosen to ride in the 2018 Cannonball Rally is a 1927 Indian Scout Motorcycle.

I live in Cambridge, New Zealand, with my wife Jan. She can’t imagine why I would want to do this run, it will be hot, or very cold, physically challenging and I times I’m sure we will wonder what possessed us to take this on.

Ever since reading about the 2014 Cannonball, I have dreamed of being invited to join this epic event and share the friendship and camaraderie that all previous riders have enjoyed. Riding across the US continent will be the highlight of all my years riding bikes.

The Indian has a vee twin 600 mL side valve engine, total loss boiling system and a 3 speed gearbox. With basic leaf spring forks, she ain’t comfortable, but to me, the whole point of the Cannonball is the physical, mental and spiritual challenge.

Restoration has been progressing well, all cycle parts have been restored, bearings replaced, forks rebuilt, rims and hubs laced up, new tires fitted in the magneto rewound.

Although now running, there have been countless hours on sorting out the dozens of little problems that arise in any rebuild, from dialing in the oil dripper to getting the rear wheel brake to nearly work. Nearly is enough isn’t it?

I have a willing crew of my son and his uncle, both are mechanically minded and experts in improvisation and good humour, critical in keeping both man and machine going.

We plan to keep the backup support fairly basic, a spare magneto, some cycle parts, puncture repair kit, attend full of spare nuts and bolts and basic toolbox.

And a ton of faith in vintage iron.

See you all in Portland in September.
I can hardly wait.