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#68 Lochlain Lewis

Willow Grove, PA

1932 Harley Davidson VL

I live in Willow Grove, PA with my wife, and some old motorcycles that have taken up residence. I’ve been riding most of my adult life and recently rediscovered the joy of riding old bikes. Well, my first bike was a shovelhead. But they weren’t old back then. This is not only the first Cannonball for me, it’s also the first trans-continental run I’ve made (will be attempting). This adventure is actually a lifelong dream of mine. Something I’ve wanted to do since I can remember, cross the country on an old war bike, long before I knew they were call WLAs. My wife, Samantha, is not only supporting me in this endeavor. She’s pushing me out the door. And while I’m not riding a WLA this year, I have one we’ll be rebuilding after I return from California. Definitely looking forward to September!