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#69 Mark Loewen

Carmichael, CA

1925 Harley-Davidson JDCB

Hi, my name is Mark Loewen,

I’m a specialty contractor in Northern California, running a family business that is on its 40th year of operation. Me and my father, who has passed, now me and my son, Jeremy, That some of you know from 2018 cannonball. He rode my 25 JD to a perfect score. I hope I will be able to do the same. I’m still looking for the perfect score. I’m also the president of the AMCA Fort Sutter chapter and very active with the club and events.

The 2020 Cannonball will be my 4th cross country trip with my extended family of warped minds.

This all started for me at an AMCA chapter meeting when my friend Dr. Sprocket, said I’m riding to San Francisco to see the end of the Cannonball and watch our friends, other club members, finish the 2012 CB and ride to the finish at Dudley Perkins. I responded, sure I’ll go, not having any real idea what I was going to see or do. Well I could not believe my eyes, the sights and sounds, old bikes the people, POOF, know my mind has just been warped. By the time that weekend ended I was convinced that I had to do this. So I got with my friend and Cannonball rider, Dave Kafton, and with his help and mentoring I was able to find a bike to build, get a spot in 2014 CB and complete the bike, a 1925 HD JD, and participate in the 2014 CB. Wow.

When you get into this, Cannonball riders and those who know, will warn you that, “this will change your life forever.” You wouldn’t think so, but it’s very true. The bikes are so cool and being surrounded with them for 16 days is awesome, but when you slow down and take a breath you realize that it’s all the people you’ve met and the new friends you made and the experience of traversing America with your Cannonball family, that is what really makes it life changing.

I rode my 1912 Excelsior in 2016 and 2018, a very challenging ride, but the most fun bike to ride. This time I want to go back to the girl I started with, my JD “Elsa” and see if we can find that perfect Score that I want. See you all soon, I hope sooner. Your friend, Mark Loewen