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#69 Mark Loewen

Hello Cannonball Nation!

My name is Mark Loewen. This will be my third crossing of america on the Cannonball. I will be attempting this epic challenge once again on my 1912 Excelsior, twin, belt drive.
She’s a strong runner, but her flaws showed up last time to keep me from that alluring perfect score. I believe we have learned enough from the last go round to have a better
chance of success this time, but hard to say, If you learn anything from past Cannonballs is that anything can and will happen, especially if you think everything is going so good. HA HA.

This Cannonball is sure to be special for me since my son Jeremy will be joining our team, and riding along on his,( someday) 1925 HD JD, and will reach official adult hood during the trip.
No No not because of the ride, because he will be turning 21. But the ride will definetly make him feel all grown up. This will be a life changing experience, as any past rider will attest to.

I’m a contractor running a family business that is going on it’s 40th year of operation this year. I’m also an AMCA chapter president. The Fort Sutter Chapter, Sacramento,CA.
My fellow club members are the only reason I’ve made it this far in the antique motorcycle world and Cannonball world. True friends that I’m thankful to have, and my Cannonball family.

Stay tuned to see how this adventure plays out.

See you all on the road.

Mark Loewen #69

Team – Iron Dinosuar / Pump it up Racing
# 69 Mark Loewen
# 68 Jeremy Loewen
# 36 Mark Wiebens
#56 Victor Boocock aka. The Godfather
The Truck – Matt Myer