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#70 Arrie Redenlinghuys

My name is Arrie (Armand) Redelinghuys and I hail from Rochester, MI. Born in South Africa I was fortunate to come to the USA over a decade ago. Growing up in SA, British bikes were very much the beat we grew up with. Even though the Japanese bikes came to dominate. For me the sound, look and feel of the old Brits remained. Upon coming to the USA I met my buddy Paul (bike #90) and being a Triumph collector it did not take much encouragement from him to nudge me over the edge. Today I own a decent collection of Triumphs and related collectables. My garage is not an uncomfortable place to be 🙂 The “youngest” of the bikes is a 47 year old 1970 T100R Daytona and the oldest is the 1919 Model H I will be brining to the Cannonball. In the end I hope to have collected good examples from each decade since Triumph got to build their first motorcycle.

Going cross country with a motorcycle is something I was fortunate to tick off the bucket list back in 2015. Me and the wife took a 7000 mile ride roughly from Washington DC to San Francisco. In the process we stopped and detoured to many of America’s natural treasures. Our route took us over Sturgis during the annual motorcycle rally and what a great experience that was! The cross country only fueled the desire for long distance motorcycle riding and in 2016 we did a couple of thousand miles across Alaska. Only thing I can say about that trip: if you have a bucket list put this on it! And preferably at the top of the list – it is well worth every mile of the way.

Owning a real vintage motorcycle was never really on my list, but once I went that route I absolutely came to be humbled by the fantastic privilege to own, fix and ride such an old machine. I am sure everybody on this Cannonball would know the feeling of opening up a nearly 100 year old machine that has not been touched for many decades. The engineering of the day is most fascinating and the privilege to ride such a machine is truly a blessing.

I am very much looking forward to the challenge of getting both myself and my machine across the many mountain passes and miles that is being planned for us. Together with 2 of my buddies we will form the Coventry T³ team (Coventry being the place in the UK where Triumphs were originally manufactured). Most of all, I am looking forward to meet like minded motorcycle enthusiast and to travel our beautiful country together.

Arrie Redelinghuys