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#72 Dan Kraft

Dan Kraft, #72 was the same age as his riding number in 2016 on his second Cannonball Run. The 2018 Cannonball Run is the third one for Dan as he rode with his middle son, Robb Kraft in 2014 and his eldest son, Todd Kraft #71 in 2016. This year Dan and Todd have partnered again. Dan has been married to his beautiful wife, Janice for 53 years and together they have three sons, a daughter and nine grand-children. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Dan is well known and beloved in the community. Dan started Kraft’s Body Shop, 53 years ago out of his garage and today it has 40 employees. Dan is “retired” and his son, Todd, continues to operate the family business. Dan’s hobbies are too many to list but a few include—Old Ford’s, Old Cars, Indian Motorcycles, Whizzer bikes and Surfing. Dan and his son Todd rode Thor motorcycles for the 2016 Cannonball Run with the Thor Losers. Those bikes proved to be quite a challenge to not only pull together but to keep running for the last Cannonball. In an early test ride on Mother’s Day 2016, Dan went down on his bike doing a good deal of damage to his face, hand and bike. Although not completely healed, he felt good enough to participate in the 2016 ride. One souvenir of the accident was his hand-made metal eye patch with his #72 on it. Dan enjoys looking like a pirate and occasionally uses the eyepatch to this day. On this 2018 Cannonball Run, Dan Kraft will be riding a 1928 Indian with the Surf City Vintage Riders from Santa Cruz.