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#73 George Unruh

St. John, KS

1924 Harley-Davidson JDCA

George’s love of motorcycles started early as his oldest brother Jim would give him rides on his 1947 Knuckle and 1960 Panhead.  Although George tried hundreds of times to kick start Jim’s bike, he never could get it started – usually because the battery was bad.  He could never have a motorcycle as a kid at home, but as soon as he left the house he bought his first motorcycle, a 1971 BSA. He later bought a 1973 Superglide (which he recently bought back and painted back to original).  Following the sale of the ‘73, George bought a 1979 Lowrider that he later sold to help start a business. After a long, bike-free dry spell and years spent as a sidewalk commando, things realigned and George and his wife Kim purchased their first motorcycle together, a 1968 Electraglide.  It all went downhill from there, according to Kim. George found Tillie (named after his Grandmother), his 1924 JDCA Harley Davidson in 2014, and with the help of many people along the way, George and Tillie completed the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball. George and Tillie are looking forward to the 2020 Cannonball!