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#77 Richard Asprey

Richard Asprey is a native Londoner who moved to Texas in 2001. He’s been riding motorbikes since he bought his first bike at age 15; a used Garelli Tiger Cross 50cc 2-stroke.The little Garelli was still his daily rider when he started working for Lloyd’s of London.

Since selling his business a few years ago, Richard has become an avid motorcycle collector, and an even more avid rider.

He is the current president of the North Texas Norton Owners Association (NTNOA), and is also a member of the Lone Star Section of the Vincent Owners Club, the Southern California Norton Owners Club, and Peckerhead Motorcycle Racing.

Richard will be piloting a 1915 Norton Model 16TT (Norton Code Name: Tourist),The twelfth oldest known Norton. He bought the bike in February 2015 from Joe Seifert of Norton Motors ( Initially the rare bike wasn’t for sale, but Joe was intrigued with Richard’s plans to ride it in the Cannonball Run, and kindly allowed him to purchase the Norton.

Restoration and race modification was performed by Keith Martin of Big D Cycle, Dallas, Texas.

The 490cc single, 3 1/2 hp, 3 speed engine had a period top speed of 60+ mph in its racing versions.

Improvements to the Tourist for the Cannonball Race include: modern rims and tires, a drum brake for the rear hub, L.E.D. lighting, and an auxiliary fuel tank mounted behind the seat. The original ‘chain-cum-belt’, stepped leather final drive belt was reluctantly replaced with a metal chain to boast speed and reliability.

Richard rode the Model 16TT in the 2016 Cannonball Century Race finishing 22nd, on the only Norton entered in the race.

For 2018, Richard will be bringing Team Norton. He’ll ride the 1915 Norton Model 16TT again, while friends ride two more flat tank Nortons – a 1923 Model 16H and a 1925 Big Four.

If you need to contact Richard, you can send him an email: