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#81 Larry Butts

Minneapolis, MN

1929 Harley-Davidson JD

My name is Larry Butts from Minneapolis, MN. I am currently preparing a 1929 Harley Davidson Model JD to join my brother, Mike (2018 CB), to compete in my first Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run.
My motorcycle passion began at a very young age witnessing my father, a lifelong HD rider, and joining my 3 older brothers riding in the 70’s and 80’s during the “golden age of motorcycling”. My first bike was a 1972 Yamaha AT-1 Enduro which at 12 years old, I needed to pool my money together with my brother, Rick, to purchase. I quickly moved beyond the trail bike, purchased my own bike, and began competing in AMA District 23 motocross. Following several years of motocross racing, I began competing in other off-road events such as Enduro, Hare Scrambles, and Ice Racing. I have put many miles on touring Bikes as well as Dual Sport rides throughout the USA and Mexico. I have never been able to quit the off-road motorcycles as I still find time for rides in the Colorado and Utah mountains. I take great joy in sharing with my family and friends, who I always encourage to join in my passion for riding. I love motorcycling!
I became aware of the Motorcycle Cannonball last year when my brother, Mike, was preparing for the 2018 run. I attended a few legs of the 2018 Cannonball Run and was hooked. What a great concept the CB founder Lonnie Isam Jr. had to get out and ride these machines that some owners have had hidden away in a shed or museum for 100 years. With every additional Cannonball Run this event is taken to the next level, including adding the “Chase” to involve more bikes and riders of a different vintage. I cannot tell you how excited (and nervous) I am to join all these other riders and see if I can get my bike and myself from the start at the Canadian Border to the finish line on South Padre Island, TX.