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#82 Christopher O’Brien

I have been riding, fixing and collecting motorcycles as a hobby since 1974. Now I am a retired Neurologist living in Vashon, WA. While growing up in New England, I would hear about a relative on my mother’s side of the family named Alan Bedell. Of course, he is famous for breaking “Cannonball” Baker’s cross-country record in 1917 on a 1917 Model G Henderson. It has been my dream to complete a similar trip on a Bedell Tribute Henderson (since the original was turned into scrap for WWII). With the help of the Henderson community (Dave, Frank, Mark, Matthew, Pat, etc), an original engine, frame, forks, tank and wheels were located and the 4th Coast Fours team brought this smooth-riding beast to life! Flintworks, LLC is our little company on Vashon Island, WA to support our collection of bikes and entertain visitors. Looking forward to September.