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#86 Shane Masters

Dayton, OH

1925 Indian Big Chief

 Hello, I am Shane Masters, Team Rip Rap Riders.  I am a member of the Dayton, Ohio Chapter of The Vintage Iron Motorcycle Club and Road Devils Car Club.   I will be again riding a 1925 Indian Big Chief.  I call the Smoking Indian.  It started off as a dream to just be accepted and ride in this prestigious endurance ride, but I exceeded my goals and got a perfect score in the 2018 (The Coast to Coast Challenge) Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon.  The motorcycle was prepped by me and my two mentors The Johns’, Big John Steelman and Little John Basham.  The bike did so well that I want to come back and give it some more hell and push it and my own limits.   During the off seasons when I am not participating in vintage motorcycle events, I restore vintage motorcycles specializing in Indians with The Johns.   

As a new Motorcycle Cannonball rider participant in 2018, I met a lot of friendly rider and chase crew people that I cannot wait to see again in 2020.  Every night at each stop many stories are told and helpful tips given.    All riders have their own goals that they strive to reach during the ride and everyone is willing to help one another with useful information/resources and any last minute repairs when needed.  This event becomes a part of your motorcycle family where everyone lends a helping hand.