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#94 Rich Rau

Newport, OR

1916 Indian Powerplus

 I started helping friends working on their Harley’s in the late 60’s. In 1972 I bought my first Harley, a completely stock 1959 Panhead, which I modified many times through the years and I still own. I opened a custom motorcycle shop in 1980. I am still running the shop but on a limited basis now days.
 I was never into the real early bikes until I met up with the Cannonball in 2012. Since then I have developed a major fondness for them and much to my surprise I’ve found them to be quite reliable and a lot faster than I had imagined.
 I also started a plumbing business with my wife Laurie in 1996, Rau Plumbing Inc., which is still going strong.
This is my fourth Motorcycle Cannonball. I seem to have gotten the disease for these older bikes. I will be riding my 1916 Indian Powerplus again this year. I’ve ridden it on the last two so this will be the third time for me to ride this bike across the country, I also rode a 1936 Harley R model on my first one in 2012.
 I want to thank my family for all of their support which allows me to participate in this monumental event. Thank You to my wife Laurie, daughter Karalee, grandchildren Jason, Levi, Alexia, sister and brother-in-law Sharen and Bob Denham
 We will be “Team Procrastinators” #94 Rich Rau, #78 Clint Funderburg, and #29 Ryan Allen