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#96 Doug Jones

The quest to cross this country on antique motorcycles. Motorcycles that were the dawn of motorized transportation in this country. Man, how the technology has changed. Man, how much stays the same.

What day is it? Where are we heading tonight, have you seen the route sheet? Man the bike is running so good, this is great. How many miles between gas? It looks like rain. What is wrong now, this thing will hardly run, this sucks. 20 more miles. Where is Poplar Street, did I miss a turn? What year is the Indian? Got to fix the dome seal and pack this clutch bearing. You gonna ride in 2018? Are you crazy?
See you in Portland!

My name is Doug Jones, and my first taste of motorcycling was a Honda Mini trail. I was 6 years old. I’ve raced them, cowtrailed with buddies, toured this country, and made memories for a lifetime. I can’t remember a time since ’68 that I haven’t owned at least one.

I was introduced to the Cannonball at the Barber Festival, just after the 2012 event. Talking with the guys there I was hooked, so I left looking for a project, and have been working on them ever since. I rode 2014 on a 1929 Indian 101 Scout, and 2016 on a 1914 Indian singlespeed twin.

For 2018 I’m going to ride the ’14 Single speed again. There is something special about riding that bike, and I just love it. Or maybe just unfinished business. We were close in ’16, but some unknowns and bad decisions cost us some miles. So with the experience learned, we are headed to Portland to try again.

What a great experience being a part of the Cannonball! The highs and lows, the new friends, the old friends. Keeping an old bike running and sharing a few laughs. Come see us along the route.
Portland to Portland, 2018.