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#98 Andrea Labarbara

Foxboro, MA

1913 Henderson B

I got my first taste of motorcycles when I was about 8 years old and I wanted to keep up with my big brother and the other boys in the neighborhood. My bike was a 1975 Honda MR-50 which my husband restored and is still in our possession today. I don’t think any of those boys are still riding?

My husband, Bob, and I met during the 2001 Daytona Beach Bike week and motorcycles have remained a large part of our lives. Partners in everything we do, we set out to join the Cannonball in 2016 and just couldn’t get things to work in our favor. Settling for a poster and a dream, we set our sights on 2018. With a lot of help and direction from our friend Dave McGraw putting us in touch with Mark Hill and the Wolf Pack, I competed riding a 1913 Henderson, and making all the miles.

Bob and I competed in the first Cross Country Chase making all the miles.  We are now teamed up for the 2020 Motorcycle Cannonball where I will be riding a 1913 Henderson B and Bob riding a 1925 Harley-Davidson JE

I want to thank the friends and family who have come together to support me in this voyage, I have been truly touched by all the well wishes and words of encouragement. Go Team American-Anchor, #98!