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#99 Todd Cameron

Monrovia, CA

1909 Indian Single

I enjoying the challenge of competing in the Motorcycle Cannonball especially riding in Class 1 with the nearly impossible task of nursing a single cylinder, no gearbox 3HP modified bicycle across the country. It will take take some innovative on the spot MacGyvery to finish. A little about me I am a retired Mechanical Engineer/fabricator/ tinkerer, I worked for NASA for a few years. I build with my own hands and race almost anything that has wheels all out of my home race shop. Bicycles, motorcycles Motocross bikes, 125cc shifter karts, road race cars, off road cars, antique trucks, antique motorcycles, dabbled in NASCAR a few years, own and race hot rodded electric cars and solar cars. Looking forward to the great comradery riding with a great bunch of characters and meeting some new ones.