#1 Frank WestfallSyracuse, NY
1914 Henderson

#2 Steve Decosa
Oswego, NY
1912 Harley Davidson Twin
Hello everyone,

I am Steve DeCosa of Oswego, New York, Rider No. 2 for the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball.

I guess I've forgotten how difficult the Cannonball is, because I am back for a third time to ride an ancient machine Coast to Coast.

We are building a highly original style 1912 Harley-Davidson Twin cylinder, single speed, Model 8-X-E machine.

The 1912 Model 8-X-E was Harley-Davidson's FIRST CHAIN DRIVE motorcycle!

The emphasis of our build will be to keep the machine as original style as possible including an original frame, stock fuel tanks, clincher rims, Thor rear hub with coaster brakes, and no floorboards.

In 2014 I rode from Daytona, Florida to Tacoma, Washington aboard a 1927 Harley-Davidson. In 2016 I rode from Atlantic City, New Jersey to Carlsbad, California...
#3 Buck CarsonLivingston, TX
1925 Harley Davidson
#4 Mark HillWaddington, NY
1917 Henderson
#5 Jeff TiernanWaddington, NY
1912 Henderson

#6 Justin Rinker
Robinson, IL
1916 Indian Power Plus
Justin Rinker from Robinson, IL (originally from Romney, WV) is rider number 6. He is riding a 1916 Indian Power Plus similar to his twin brother Jared (#37). Justin and his wife, Melody, have three kids; Karson, Landon, and Isabella. After being taught by his father and grandfather, Justin has been riding Indian motorcycles since he was nine years old. At the age of 16, Justin obtained his motorcycle license on a 1941 Indian 741 custom. Over the years, Justin's passion for adventures on the Indian motorcycle has continued to grow. He has successfully competed in a past Cannonball, Great Race, and The Race of Gentlemen. Now at age 32, Justin prepares for his second Cannonball adventure. During his 2016 Cannonball journey, Justin missed portions of day 1 and day 2 of the expedition ...

#7 Steve Rinker
Purgitsville, WV
1928 Indian Scout 101
Steve Rinker (#7) of Buck's Indian, located in Romney, WV, Is returning for his fourth Motorcycle Cannonball. Participation in the Cannonball to me is much more than just man versus machine, it's making the imagination of a 12 year old boy come true. It all started with my dad, Buck, who had his first motorcycle at the age of 12. My dad always tells about when he and his buddies were 12 and they had an old Indian, with no motor, which they would take turns pushing to the top of the hill, climb on and ride it to the bottom pretending to be on some grand motorcycle adventure. Wonder if they ever had visions of crossing the Mississippi River, riding through the fields of the Midwest, or riding up and over the Rocky Mountains?

When the Cannonball was first born in 2010, Lonnie Jr. invi...
#8 Joe GimpelDaytona Beach, FL
1928 BMW R62

#9 Chris Tribbey
Caledonia, WI
1911 Excelsior
I have been an active motorcycle enthusiast since 1978. Since then I have racked up over 500,000 miles on two wheels and have owned 50+ motorcycles. I have been lucky enough to have ridden on some awesome trips: Alaska, Mexico, Australia, and extensively in Europe. I am by nature a competitive person and have enjoyed competing in some motorcycle events from Field Games to long distance endurance rides. From the first Cannonball in 2010 I have keenly followed along as a spectator. I was in attendance at the Harley-Davidson Museum in late 2010 when Cannonball ride Bill Rodencal held an informal talk discussing his experience on the 2010 ride. I was hooked. Then in 2012 when the Cannonball route came through Milwaukee and stopped at the H-D Museum I was there to welcome the riders to Milwauke...

#10 Bill Page
Augusta, KS
1915 Harley Davidson
By Bill Page
It was the spring of 2014, my friend Kelly Modlin was preparing his motorcycle for the 2014 Cannonball. To keep him company, I started following him around on my old Knucklehead. As we put miles on his old bike and visited with people along the way, I started to slowly contract this addiction, or sickness, called vintage motorcycles. For some the fix might be 35 year old bikes, for others it might be 50 year old bikes. But for those of us who have it bad, the only fix is very, very old and the older, the better.
When the 2016 Cannonball was announced that it would run from Atlantic City, New Jersey to San Diego, California and that required entry was to be at least a 100 year old bike, challenge accepted. Now I just needed to round up enough...

#11 Billy Page
El Dorado, KS
1916 Harley Davidson
Billy Page will be riding a 1916 Harley Davidson twin cylinder 61 C.I. 7 1/2 h.p. bike, with magneto ignition. Billy went along with his father Bill Page on the 2016 run, and was a big reason that ole #10 kept on going. He is a good mechanic and tends to be patient in figuring things out. He has a nice antique car collection and has several bikes that he enjoys.

Billy's riding career started at the age of 4, and had been involved in some sort of 2 or 4 wheel motorsports since. He has competed in motocross, traveled several years riding in the arena cross series, and was 7 time national sand drag champion, setting a record in the 2 cylinder class, running the 300 ft race in 3.39 seconds at 101 mph. That record still holds. Try that sometime, 0-101mph in 3 seconds, in dirt.


#13 Dean Bordigioni
Santa Rosa, CA
1914 Harley Davidson
Hello, my name is Dean Bordigioni and I�m number 13 in the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball (CB). This will be my fourth Cannonball, oh my, even though before the start of my third in 2016 I thought that would be my last, and then especially after finishing I thought I was done for sure.

Welcome to the �Vortex of Insanity". The CB is a bit of a disease. It has replaced over 90% of my motorcycle riding energy, which is OK as I have a lot of other things that interest me and I�ve had quite a life on motorbikes. It takes months to recover from the ride, and then months and months to get your bike together for the next one. You wake up in the middle of the night with a start, �damn, I forgot to order yada yada". This goes on for months. Forgettabout the last few weeks. You are bas...
#14 Loring HillWaddington, NY
1916 Henderson
#15 Mike CarsonLivingston, TX
1928 Harley Davidson JDH

#16 Mike Jensen
Council Bluffs, IA
1916 Excelsior
Hi, Im Mike Jensen of Council Bluffs, IA and am a lineman with OPPD in Omaha.

Ive been interested in motorcycles all of my life. My first bike was at age 7 when we moved to the country. It brought the feeling of freedom that got me hooked on motorcycles forever.

I sold 4H calves to buy more motorcycles so I could start racing hare scrambles, enduros, flat track and motocross. Real life came after graduation when I got a real job, got married to my support driver of 30+ years and had 3 children. We raced go-karts with the boys and my wife and I rode Ragbrai for 20 years. We started going to Sturgis in 1999 and Ive also ridden the Hot Bike tour.

In 2015, I began working with Troy Anzalone who was helping Dave Volnek prepare for the 2016 Cannonball. Troy and I talked about...

#17 Rick Salisbury
Springville, UT
1927 Indian Ace
Who would have dreamed a young teenager and his love of bikes would evolve into a private collection of vintage motorcycles that would rival Harley-Davidson themselves?

Utah Home Builder, Rick Salisbury and his personal love of collecting has amassed well-over 200 vintage motorcycles, mounds of one-of-a-kind memorabilia, a rare trophy collection, and original art by world renowned motorcycle-centric Artists such as David Uhl, Scott Jacobs, Tom Fritz, and Bronze sculptor Jeff Decker.

His collection is displayed at Legends Motorcycles in Springville, Utah. Legends has a full service Parts and Service department, Sidecar Caf and Museum. The upper viewing gallery is home to Salisburys crown jewel, a completely unrestored 1907 Harley-Davidson Strap Tank. One of only three 1907 Strap...
#18 Doug FeinsodSanta Cruz, CA
1909 Excelsior

#19 Michael Gontesky
Hampton, VA
1924 Harley Davidson
Mikey Gontesky #19

DOB 08/23/1942 - San Diego, California
- New York
- San Diego
- Peru
- Kansas
- South Dakota
- England
- South Dakota

Since 08/23/1980 - Hampton, Virginia

2014 Cannonball - 1928 Harley Davidson JD
2016 Cannonball - 1912 Harley Davidson 8A
2018 Cannonball - 1925 Harley Davidson JD

Thanks to Lonnie Isam Jr. for the vision and Jason Sims for taking it to the next level - Jon Neuman @ Sagebrush Cycles, Dave Kafton - Lodi, California, Rob Nusbaum @ RetroCycle, Dave @ Harbor Vintage, Bart Borchert@ Old Dude, Tom Feeser @ Replicant Metals, Mike Milay @ The Linkert Guy, Je Willis @ Willis Garage, Mike Morris @ Vintage Brake, Andy @ Competition Distributing, Jim Lodato, Rowdy Schenck, Doug Wothke, Rich Rau, Ryan Allen, Doug Perry and everyone else who has he...

#20 Denis Sharon
New Milford, CT
1916 Harley Davidson
What motorcyclist could resist the prospect of riding across America on back roads at 45mph on an antique motorcycle? Definitely, not this one! I was born on a motorcycle (maybe) and have had a helmet in one hand and wrench in the other ever since. My principle interest was vintage bikes and vintage road racing. Earlier antique machines had held no particular appeal for me. But curiosity about the Motorcycle Cannonball led me to take closer look and I quickly came to appreciate how very fascinating these machines are. Mechanical technology and innovation were advancing so quickly during the period - not unlike microprocessor technology is today - that working with these machines makes it seem like one is witnessing early 20th century mechanical evolution before your very eyes. Its a great...

#21 Tom Banks
North Versailles, PA
1921 Harley Davidson

That very statement exemplifies Tom Banks, its in my blood." My father, P.R. (Dick) Banks, was the owner of an Indian Motorcycle dealership, and avid flat track racer, in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area during the 1950s and 60s. My brothers and I gained a passion for classic American made motorcycles from hanging around with our father and close family friend, Bob Hart. Mr. Hart has been a mentor to me my entire life, but played an even bigger role in my life after my father passed away at a very young age. Mr. Hart, (who is now in his 80s) and I still ride together. In the summer of 2017, along with some close friends, we made a 600-mile trip through the Appalachian Mountains.

My success as an...
#22 Jeff LauritsenKennard, NE
1916 Excelsior
#23 Darryl RichmanSanta Cruz, CA
1928 R52
#24 Kelly ModlinAugusta, KS
1928 Indian Chief

#25 Joe Burch
Farris, TX
1928 Harley Davidson JDH
I Left motorcycles behind, sold my 1967 XLCH to start a aviation company. I was the owner , pilot, mechanic, accountant, sales person, you name it. Flew corporate jets all over for several corporations. Even flew Chuck Yeager as a passenger one time. My younger partner is taking over now so I can peruse my next career.

worthless antique motorcycle junkie"

Eleven Harleys & two Cushmans later, I think it is a good start. A 1925 JD with sidecar(Rebel), 1928 JDH (Blue J), 1934 & 1935 VLs (Krazy Krusty & Vickey), 1948 WL (Midnight), 1958 & 1965 Panheads(Green Beast & Old Blue), 1973 shovelhead (Some Assembly Required), 1958 & 1963 Cushmans(Silver Fox & Little Red). Red really belongs to my wife Susan. Several more are just parts scattered around the barn & shop, a frame here,...
#26 Mark TatumJupiter, FL
1925 Harley Davidson JDCB

#29 Ryan Allen
Sante Fe, NM
1916 Indian Powerplus
What is the Motorcycle Cannonball?

Not just a trip but a journey for sure, trying to pilot a century old motorcycle across the USA can really test your sanity.

Image that the paved back roads of today would've been a godsend to the frontier motorcycle rider.
Consider then the roads of today have become the motorcycles eternal spirit home ridden still as a testament of their fabrication from a great era. The paved roads can also be their undoing with an unbridled path before them, the temptation of speed taxes the machine while pushing their limits further. These machines still have lessons for us and the CB will flush out the weakest little thing that could make you a pedestrian. Test and retest become elements of success in this endeavor. Ultimately, the CB gives us t...

#30 Adrian Lockrey
Middleton, UK
1925 Triumph P
Im Adrian Lockrey, also known as Skippy, originally from Australia but a UK resident for more than 20 years.

Ive always been interested in anything mechanical, ever since an early age when I replaced a head gasket on my Mums car at around the age of 12 years old. All my own work with the help of a Haynes Manual!!

I trained In Australia as a fitter and machinist on the railways. I attended night school to train in industrial electronics, tool making, and even got my motor mechanics certificate.

As a 20 year old apprentice, I won a scholarship to the UK for 6 months. This was where I met my pen friend of 10 years and subsequently married her! Once settled in the UK, I started working in the Machine Tool Industry.

20 years, 4 sons and many grey hairs later, I now own my own CN...

#31 Gene Harper and Jan Carl
Denver Colorado
1924 Indian Chief
My wife Jan and I are very excited to be participating in the 2018 Cannonball!! Ive wanted to do this since the Cannonball started in 2010 but work and family commitments got in in the way. We will both be retired by the end of this year and the kids have grown up, so we can take the challenge! We will be riding the trusty 1924 Indian Big Chief with Princess sidecar and hope to be the second sidecar rig to complete the Cannonball with a perfect score. Ive dreamed of riding an antique motorcycle with sidecar across the United States ever since I joined the AMCA at age 13, so I guess its time to get busy!
All my antique bikes (well, the ones that run anyway) have sidecars so Im aware of the demands on rider and machine. Im confident that we can prepare the Big Chief to make the tri...
#32 Byrne BramwellOttawa, Ca
1912 Indian Single

#33 Kyle Rose
Springville, UT
1927 Henderson
When asked to describe the nine-year-old" Kyle, he smiles and says, Picture a kid covered in dirt and grease who was always taking things apart, obsessed with motorcycles and building things." Somehow the picture he paints is vivid as I watch Rose" as he is nick-named, dressed in grease splattered shop attire, answer questions while soldering a tail light on a 1927 Henderson Motorcycle.

Most of Kyles expertise he says was not learned in school, but on the jobas a young kid doing grunt-work in his Dads Sheet Metal Company, to Machine Fabrication Shop Foreman, all the way up to Harley-Davidson Master Technician at Timpanogos Harley-Davidson in Orem, Utah. Kyle received his Harley-Davidson Certification at The Motorcycle Mechanic Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.


#34 Ben Pierce
Williston, VT
1923 Neracar
I used to be a computer programmer, always admired old machinery - tractors, engines, cars. I saw a BMW club rally in the area once and checked it out to see if they had any old things on display. They did, and they were absolutely beautiful. I decided I wanted to try one. I got started on bikes a bit late (age 27) with the BMW R50 and loved them, managed to turn it into a modest career.

I work at The Daily Rider Motoworks in Burlington VT on a wide range of new and old motorcycles and scooters.

First bike was a 1956 BMW R50 restoration, still have it, ridden it to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Tennessee and more. Active in vintage motorcycle and sidecar racing with the USCRA.
Bob Addis, owner of the 1923 Neracar, writes that his two major inspirations to ride in a Cannonball Endu...

#35 Jon Dobbs
Boulder Junction, WI
1916 Harley Davidson
Someone once said, Id rather be a rider for a day then a spectator for a lifetime." Nothing could be more true.

My name is Jon Dobbs and I love motorcycles. My adventure motorcycling disease started when I left town one day, drove to Alaska, and returned nearly three months and 13,000 miles later. Last September I had the time of my life riding my 1915 Harley Davidson in the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball. If there was an award for the most inexperienced and unprepared antique motorcycle rider, I certainly would have have the trophy. My girl Jaci was my support crew and we cannot say enough about the Cannonball organizers who worked incredibly hard to put this magnificent race together. Each and every day was an experience better than the last and we made friendships to last a lifetim...
#36 Mark WiebensMartinez, CA
1927 Harley Davidson JD

#37 Jared Rinker
Findlay, OH
1916 Indian Powerplus
Jared Rinker from Findlay, OH (originally from Romney, WV) is rider #37. He is riding a 1916 Indian Power Plus which is the same bike he rode in the 2016 Cannonball in which he finished with a perfect score (1 of only 16 competitors to do this in 2016). Jared and his wife, Crystal, have three daughters - Jordan, Karter, and Spencer. Jared has a twin brother, Justin Rinker #6, who is also Cannonball competitor. Jared grew up around motorcycles, started riding at age 6, and is a 3rd generation Indian rider (preceded by his grandfather Buck and father Steve). Jared and his family are Indian Motocycle enthusiasts and have a vintage Indian Motocycle shop (Bucks Indian). Jared is a Great Race, Cannonball, and The Race of Gentlemen former competitor. This is Jareds 2nd Cannonball at age ...

#38 Paul d'Orleans
San Fancisco. CA
1926 Brough Superior
This is my fourth Cannonball, and my second time riding a Brough Superior. In 2014 I rode a 1933 11.50 model with Susan on the back, and this year our machine is a true masterpiece, the 1926 SS100 model, the apex vintage motorcycle and one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever built.

I founded TheVintagent.com in October 2006, and its popularity allowed me to abandon a 25-year career as a decorative painter by 2009, in favor of writing, photography, and film about motorcycles. Besides my website, I’m the Custom&Style editor at Cycle World, write for dozens of magazines, judge events like the Concorso di Villa d’Este, and have written 4 books about motorcycles, and co-written many more. I host shows like the Quail Motorcycle Gathering, and comment on the big Las Vegas auctions fo...
#39 Jerry BrownOcouto Falls, WI
1926 Harley Davidson

#41 Jeff Mcallister
Ridgefield, CT
1927 Indian Chief
I have been a lover of motorbikes since my early teens. My first bike was a Zundapp 250, then came a bunch of little Hondas. But the holy grail in my neighborhood was the Triumph Bonneville which I finally acquired in 1978. I tried to buy one at the factory in England, but thats a story for another time!

I now own ten classic bikes and have always enjoyed tinkering with them, first as a matter of economy, then puzzle solving and now therapeutic! My career of tugboats, deep sea towing and ship docking, and finally Harbor Pilot in New York City is winding down and the time is right for the ultimate adventure the Cannonball, a ride across the country, the hard way!

But first I needed a motorcycle. None of my bikes is right for the Cannonball. An Indian motorcycle was my immediat...

#42 Paul Jacobson
Chandler, AZ
1913 Thor U
My name is Paul Jacobson, originally from Farmington, NM and now residing in Chandler, AZ. My first ownership of a motorcycle was a frozen, tie-wrapped, duct taped '72 Harley Rapido which I rebuilt more than once and used throughout my college days. Although this machine is retired now, mostly because my wife didnt like acquiring the 2-stroke perfume as a passenger, it set in motion a continued need to ride motorcycles requiring rider maintenance along the way. When not working on my hobby of Motorcycles, I work as a Development Engineer for Intel Corporation which has given my family and I opportunities to work and live in many locations including NM, AZ, CA, NY, and China. Although we enjoyed travelling and the new experiences over the past 15+ years we are glad to be permanently sett...
#43 Dave VolnekValley, NE
1915 Indian Hedstrom

#45 Peter Arundel
Victoria, Australia
1928 Indian Chief
In 1968 Peter Arundel purchased his first motorcycle. In 1975 started working in the building industry as a carpenter, in the same year purchased his first Indian motorcycle a 1924 chief, which started a lifelong passion for the brand. By 1981 he had started his own building company Arundel Constructions which focused on property development around Melbourne Australia.

Over the next forty years he amassed one of the best Indian motorcycle collections in the world notably, 12 race bikes, one of every 4 cylinder, and numerous chiefs and scouts, during this period Peter started Wigwam Engineering. Responsible for the first overhead valve conversion kit for an Indian chief (marketed as the Tomahawk)
In 1993 he cofounded with David Reidie, the Great Race an annual challenge between antiqu...

#46 Dave Reidie
Victoria, Australia
1928 Harley Davidson JL
David Reidie started riding motorcycles in 1965. In 1978 he got his first Harley-Davidson a XLH Sportster. In 1981 he opened his own Harley Dealership Harley-City in Brunswick a suburb of Melbourne in Australia. He started collecting antique motorcycles mostly Harleys from this time. In 1993 he co-founded with Peter Arundel the Great-Race an annual challenge between antique Harley and Indian owners. This year was the 25TH Great-Race www.great-race.com.au

In February this year after 37 years Harley City was sold to Northside Harley which still houses his antique collection. www.harleycitycollection.com.au

#47 Aaron Loveless
Prunedale, CA
1918 Harley Davidson
My name is Aaron Loveless and I am 22 years old. I currently live in the small town of Prunedale located in Monterey County California. I have always been obsessed with anything on wheels, and my love of vintage motorcycles started early on in life. By the time I graduated from North Monterey County High School, I had ridden my 1950's motorized bicycle to school every day for three years. During school I spent my time building and racing Vintage-Flat-Track motorcycles, burning up all the money I earned while working at a small engine shop. I drooled over the bare-bones appearance of the early racers, and with the help of my auto body teacher, I built my own Briggs and Stratton 3-speed replica of a Harley Davidson board track racer.

At age 16, I purchased my first real Harley proj...

#48 Bartek Mizerski
Wilmette, IL
1928 Indian Scout 101
My name is Bartek Mizerski. I am from Poland, living in the U.S. I am returning for my second Motorcycle Cannonball, having participated in the 2014 event when I rode my 1936 Polish motorcycle Sokol 1000, completing every mile. For personal reasons I had to miss the 2016 ride, but I had my 1916 Indian Powerplus all set to go.

This year I will be riding a 1928 Indian Scout 101. I found this motorcycle in the Czech Republic last year. It was originally sold new in 1928 by the Europes largest Indian dealer in Prague. The motorcycle was originally equipped with a Bosch lamp (herring can style), a Bosch Magdyno and a Corbin speedometer calibrated in kilometers.

My crew includes Leszek Domagala and Jack Horbal. I cannot wait to see friends from the 2014 race and am looking forward to meet...

#50 Ted Walters
Sierre Madre, CA
1916 Harley Davidson
My name is Ted Walters and I am honored to be rider #50 in the 2018 Cannonball. I live in Sierra Madre, California and am an Engineer for the Sierra Madre Fire Department. In my spare time I like to work on 100+ year old old cars and now, motorcycles. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, and thank you to my wife Raquel for giving me her support.

I grew up spending most weekends in Wrightwood, California. As a 6 year old I would ride my Honda 50 and then transitioned to a bigger bike and dune buggy as I got older. I didnt have a bike again for several years until the year my wife and I found out we were having twin girls and to celebrate I got a 2001 Harley Davidson Fatboy. I always wanted to replace it with an older bike and did that when I got the frame, motor and luggage r...
#51 Wayne RuheSan Benito, TX
1911 American Single
Born in Grand Island Nebraska got my first motorcycle at 13 so I guess Ive been riding about 54 years. This will be my first cannonball as a participant , I was on Vic Hugas crew in 16 and had the best month of my life !

I have no doubt 2018 will be even better.

I will be riding a 1912 Excelsior single belt drive. Cant wait to be back with my cannonball family.

#52 Doc Hopkins
Bonduel, WI
1916 Harley Davidson
My love for motorcycles started nearly at birth, but got serious at age 15. I couldnt afford a motorcycle back then so I built my own. I bent up a frame & fork out of tubing & built a chopper minibike with a 5 horsepower Briggs engine. I got it licensed by local Police Dept. in Algoma, Wisconsin located on the shores of Lake Michigan. I put 3,700 miles on that little bike around my little hometown. I took it to our hometown cinema & saw the movie Wild Angels" starring Peter Fonda. Later that summer, I sold the minibike & bought my 1st Harley from a local farmer for $2, a 1939 Flathead ULH 80ci. That started it all.

In 1979, I started my own HD repair shop. Back then, my rent on that small stall garage size shop was $75/month. By April 1st, 1983, I became a Harley-Davidson...

#53 Kersten Heling
Bonduel, WI
1922 Harley Davidson
Im Kersten Heling, the one & only daughter of the spectacular Steve Doc" Hopkins. My lineage is deeply rooted in motorcycling. My Mother tells me I was born with a grease rag in my hand making vroom noises. Ive been testing the limitations of various vehicles ever since. Following my Dads lead, I developed a fond love for drag racing nitro Harleys. At the ripe age of 4, I professed that I would one day ride one of these fierce machines. In 1995, at 16 years of age, my Dad helped me put my tenacity to the test & I was licensed as the youngest Nitro Harley pilot in history. To present, there are still very few women to have ridden a nitro Harley & no one 16 or younger. For over 23 years Ive indulged my passion for Nitro Harleys at various drag strips across the country acquiring a ...

#54 Brent Hansen
Sebastopol, CA
1926 BMW R47
I started riding motorcycles in 1968, and bought (with lots of saved newspaper money) my first bike in 1971 - a used Honda SL70. I started wrenching for BMW in 1979 in Medford, Oregon, and remained there for 6 years. I then attended graduate school and became a registered nurse, and put 150,000+ miles on a 1967 R60/2. I met my wife Sue in 1994 and we moved to Yosemite where I worked as a heavy equipment mechanic and paramedic for the National Park Service. Since then, I've returned to my prior profession of BMW mechanic, starting up my own BMW vintage repair and restoration shop. I participated in the 2016 Cannonball on a 1913 Shaw Motorbicycle, putting miles on every day with the Shaw's mighty 1.5 horsepower engine and my legs over every hill. Not being one to rest, I rode a vintage bike...
#55 Pat PattersonCastlerock, CO
1926 Harley Davidson
#56 Victor BoocockSan Carlos, CA
1914 Harley Davidson 10E
1973 Reedly California. Practicing for the Cannonball

2018 Same bike, Same rider

Wishing everybody a great ride on the 2018 Cannonball

#57 Landon Bateman
Springville, UT
1927 Henderson
When Landon, a new graduate of The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Arizona answered a help wanted ad on KSL, he never dreamed it would put him on the fast track to success. Most Harley-Davidson service departments won't even let you touch a Harley or work on any serious motors until you've done your "time" so-to-speak. Not Rick Salisbury, he did the exact opposite, he pointed to a completely disassembled motor (bike?) and told him to put it back together. Landon, who was handed an unprecedented opportunity could have cowered, but instead rose to the occasion. He now has more expertise than technicians with far more years under their belt. Landon has a passion for vintage bikes and enjoys the challenge they present (most the time). "Vintage bikes are terrible to work on," Landon quips. "S...

#58 Norm Nelson
Crescent City. FL
1928 BMW R52
#59 Steve GonzalesSan Fancisco. CA
1915 Harley Davidson 11F

#60 John Bartman
Elgin, IL
1923 Harley Davidson Model J
John Bartman, a Chicago native turned Florida local, is honored to be #60 in the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball. His first motorbike was a 69 Honda Mini Trail. John is a lifelong Harley-Davidson enthusiast and purchased his first 1973 Big Twin FLH in 1980. In his spare time, he enjoys collecting and restoring antique motorcycles.

John spent the majority of his career as a glazier working on commercial storefronts in Chicago. He has since put his construction career behind him and now owns two bars: Skeeter's Saloon in Carpentersville, IL. and Tavern at the Bridge in Algonquin, IL. Being semi-retired has afforded him the time and opportunity to take part in the Cannonball experience. He is currently restoring a 1923 Harley-Davidson Model J.

John looks forward to meeting his fellow Ca...

#61 Robb Priske
Castlegar, BC Canada
1928 Harley Davidson
The West Kootenays we consider the best place in the world and we are proud Canadians

Our entry, #6, is a re engineered 1928 J D built as a 61 inch .motor, 1000 cc. Modern brakes, V L transmission, upgraded electrical; a Harley J D cutaway heavily influenced by John J D Cameron.
The theme is function over form with a view of modifications to improve performance and safety.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. A marriage of old metal and new.

Main builder is Master Harley mechanic Jim Hoye of Hoyes Place, Pinantan Lake. One of the most high end shops just outside Kamloops, British Columbia. From a 7.63 nitro fuelled drag bike to going down the road vintage bikes plus, plus, plus are the accomplishments of a life time motorcycle mechanic.

Shout ou...

#62 James Lodato
Hamilton, NJ
1928 Harley Davidson

#63 Erik Bahl
Huntsville, AL
1915 Harley Davidson 11F
This is my third attempt to cross this fantastic country on the Cannonball Run. We are truly blessed by God! I am in heavy debt to Lonnie, Jason, and all of the support staff for this life changing opportunity! I also appreciate the intense friendships that are a result of this event! In 2014, my first attempt was on a 1929 BMW R63, "Black Beauty." This was BMW's first 735 CC overhead valve motorcycle (earlier bikes were 500cc). This motorcycle had survived service during World War 2. During involuntary war conscription engine damage occurred which was subtle but detrimental to my journey. I made it about 1/3 of the way, before it took me out of the tour in the middle of the United States. It was disappointing but is the reality of the Cannonball. In 2016 bikes were restricted to 100 years...

#64 Dave Currier
Fargo, ND
1915 Harley Davidson 11F
My name is Dave Currier #64 from Fargo, North Dakota. My passion for motorcycles started at the young age of 7 when my dad let me ride a 250 NSU all by myself. I was hooked! My dad Dick was a flat track motorcycle and car racer from the 40s-50s. His inspiration has been a driving factor following the Cannonball race since it started in 2010.

I'm proud to participate in the 2018 race riding a 1915 Harley-Davidson Twin" a 103 year old machine. I'm very competitive and the challenge of this cross country race was a must do!

Watch out Cannonball, #64 is ready to race!

Team Dakota"
Kay Currier - Fargo, ND
Rick Weed - Soldotna, AK
Lillian Weed - Soldotna, AK
Rod Clouse - Fargo ND

#65 Mike Butts
Saint Michael, MN
1927 Harley Davidson JD
I grew up riding on the back of my dads 1949 Harley panhead at a very young age. This was typically not just a rider and passenger like you would see nowadays, Rather, my dad would take us all to the store with 3 or 4 kids piled on the motorcycle. One kid would be in front of my dad on the seat and another behind him. I would usually sit on the front fender with another one on the luggage rack. We would certainly get the looks from passersby seeing 5 people on a motorcycle. I think the goal of those rides was at least partially to get a rise out of the neighbors.

My first motorcycle was a 1965 Yamaha 125, which I bought with my older brother Steve since working as a paper carrier didn't provide me with enough money to buy my own. My Yamaha was clearly a street bike although it was m...
#66 Tom HayesDublin, Ireland
1923 Harley Davidson
I was born in 1944.My father was a motorcyclist so I was a pillion passenger from age 6.We went all over the country no traffic ,no helmet,no protective clothing except for a rain mac as such things were very rare in Europe at that time.Bought my first bike at 17 had a succession of English bikes Ariel,Norton ,Triumphs.Married ,kids,came back to motorcycling at end of the 1980,s.I have a small selection of classic bikes ride regularly in Ireland,have done two Cannonballs and am looking forward to next year on my 1923 Harley

#67 Jon Turney
Cambridge, New Zealand
1927 Indian Scout
Hi, my name is Jon Turney, and the bike I have chosen to ride in the 2018 Cannonball Rally is a 1927 Indian Scout Motorcycle.

I live in Cambridge, New Zealand, with my wife Jan. She can't imagine why I would want to do this run, it will be hot, or very cold, physically challenging and I times I'm sure we will wonder what possessed us to take this on.

Ever since reading about the 2014 Cannonball, I have dreamed of being invited to join this epic event and share the friendship and camaraderie that all previous riders have enjoyed. Riding across the US continent will be the highlight of all my years riding bikes.

The Indian has a vee twin 600 mL side valve engine, total loss boiling system and a 3 speed gearbox. With basic leaf spring forks, she ain't comfortable, but to me, the who...

#68 Jeremy Loewen
Carmichael, CA
1925 Harley Davidson
After seeing my father, Mark Loewen, take part in the 2014 and 2016 races my love for vintage cars and trucks has expanded to the world of motorcycles. I am very excited to be able to become part of a race where not only vintage and antique motorcycles are being restored to running condition, they are being ridden and even pushed past what they were initially designed for. As someone who drives a 1966 Ford pickup as their daily driver I love seeing these vehicles used, and not just out on display. I look forward to the race and being a part of this community. Thank so much for this oportunity.

#69 Mark Loewen
Carmichael, CA
1912 Excelsior Twin
Hello Cannonball Nation!

My name is Mark Loewen. This will be my third crossing of america on the Cannonball. I will be attempting this epic challenge once again on my 1912 Excelsior, twin, belt drive.
She's a strong runner, but her flaws showed up last time to keep me from that alluring perfect score. I believe we have learned enough from the last go round to have a better
chance of success this time, but hard to say, If you learn anything from past Cannonballs is that anything can and will happen, especially if you think everything is going so good. HA HA.

This Cannonball is sure to be special for me since my son Jeremy will be joining our team, and riding along on his,( someday) 1925 HD JD, and will reach official adult hood during the trip.
No No not because of the ride, beca...

#70 Arrie Redenlinghuys
Rochester, MI
1919 Triumph H
My name is Arrie (Armand) Redelinghuys and I hail from Rochester, MI. Born in South Africa I was fortunate to come to the USA over a decade ago. Growing up in SA, British bikes were very much the beat we grew up with. Even though the Japanese bikes came to dominate. For me the sound, look and feel of the old Brits remained. Upon coming to the USA I met my buddy Paul (bike #90) and being a Triumph collector it did not take much encouragement from him to nudge me over the edge. Today I own a decent collection of Triumphs and related collectables. My garage is not an uncomfortable place to be :-) The youngest" of the bikes is a 47 year old 1970 T100R Daytona and the oldest is the 1919 Model H I will be brining to the Cannonball. In the end I hope to have collected good examples from each dec...

#71 Todd Kraft
Santa Cruz, CA
1914 Thor
Todd Kraft, #71, is on his second Cannonball Run with his father Dan Kraft. Todd has spent the last 29 of his 51 years devoted to raising a family with his lovely wife, Beth. They live in Ben Lomond, CA and together they have three grown sons. Todd is the eldest son of Dan Kraft #72 and operates the family business, Kraft's Body Shop, which has served the Santa Cruz, CA area for over 53 years. Todds dad, Dan Kraft, started Krafts Body Shop out of his garage in 1965 and today it has 40 employees. Dan is retired" and Todd has worked in the collision repair shop for 32 years. In addition to running the Body Shop, Todd is a volunteer fireman for the Zayante Fire Department where he is an acting Captain. In 2016, Todd rode a 1914 Model U Thor with the Santa Cruz Thor Losers. His Thor prove...

#72 Dan Kraft
Santa Cruz, CA
1913 Thor U
Dan Kraft, #72 was the same age as his riding number in 2016 on his second Cannonball Run. The 2018 Cannonball Run is the third one for Dan as he rode with his middle son, Robb Kraft in 2014 and his eldest son, Todd Kraft #71 in 2016. This year Dan and Todd have partnered again. Dan has been married to his beautiful wife, Janice for 53 years and together they have three sons, a daughter and nine grand-children. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Dan is well known and beloved in the community. Dan started Kraft's Body Shop, 53 years ago out of his garage and today it has 40 employees. Dan is "retired" and his son, Todd, continues to operate the family business. Dan's hobbies are too many to list but a few includeOld Fords, Old Cars, Indian Motorcycles, Whizzer bikes and Surfing. Dan and hi...

#73 George Unruh
Saint Johns, KS
1924 Harley Davidson
#74 Rowdy SchenckCarlsbad, NM
1915 Harley Davidson 11F
Hey Cannonball followers, I'm going to ride my 1915 HD F-model once again. I'm still in the process of rebuilding the motor from the last cannonball run. It should have been easy, but, nothing is easy on 100 year old machines. The parts I broke are rare and expensive!!! Oh well, that life in the fast lane.

I said I would never ride the cannonball again, it is grueling, especially at 65 years old. Never say never. I have never been to Portland Maine, here's my chance.
#75 Dan EmersonWoodstock, CT
1911 Excelsior
#78 Clint FunderburgToledo, OR
1916 Indian Powerplus

#77 Richard Asprey
Dallas, TX
1915 Norton 16TT
Richard Asprey is a native Londoner who moved to Texas in 2001. He's been riding motorbikes since he bought his first bike at age 15; a used Garelli Tiger Cross 50cc 2-stroke.The little Garelli was still his daily rider when he started working for Lloyd's of London.

Since selling his business a few years ago, Richard has become an avid motorcycle collector, and an even more avid rider.

He is the current president of the North Texas Norton Owners Association (NTNOA), and is also a member of the Lone Star Section of the Vincent Owners Club, the Southern California Norton Owners Club, and Peckerhead Motorcycle Racing.

Richard will be piloting a 1915 Norton Model 16TT (Norton Code Name: Tourist),The twelfth oldest known Norton. He bought the bike in February 2015 from Joe Seifert of ...
#79 Jody PerewitzHalifax, MA
1928 Harley Davidson JD
Jody Perewitz has been around motorcycles all her life. From a kid in her dads shop to setting land speed records, Jody has become well-known throughout the motorcycle community for her both her knowledge of bikes and riding skills.

Having learned from the King of Flames" himself, Jody has been perfecting her own talents for airbrushing and painting as well as managing the marketing for Perewitz Cycle Fab.

In her spare time, she likes to go fast on a motorcycle. She has the world record as the fastest woman on an American V-Twin and currently holds 16 Land Speed Records this year she is not only adding vintage circle track racing to her resume, but also competing in the prestigious cross-country Cannonball Endurance Run!

#80 Shinya KimuraAzusa, CA
1915 Indian Hedstrom

#82 Christopher O'Brien
Vashon, WA
1917 Henderson
I have been riding, fixing and collecting motorcycles as a hobby since 1974. Now I am a retired Neurologist living in Vashon, WA. While growing up in New England, I would hear about a relative on my mothers side of the family named Alan Bedell. Of course, he is famous for breaking Cannonball" Bakers cross-country record in 1917 on a 1917 Model G Henderson. It has been my dream to complete a similar trip on a Bedell Tribute Henderson (since the original was turned into scrap for WWII). With the help of the Henderson community (Dave, Frank, Mark, Matthew, Pat, etc), an original engine, frame, forks, tank and wheels were located and the 4th Coast Fours team brought this smooth-riding beast to life! Flintworks, LLC is our little company on Vashon Island, WA to support our collection of bike...

#85 Jason Wadzinski
Dayton, OH
1924 Indian Chief
2018 Motorcycle Cannonball Rider Profile Jason Wadzinski, Dayton OH
I got a late introduction to the wonders of vintage motorcycles. I rode newer bikes when I was younger, but after laying a bike down shortly after starting my first business when I was 25, I decided that I wanted to see the business succeed and that I wanted to have children some day, so I quit riding for a while.
During what was probably my mid-life crisis" at 48 years old in 2013, I bought a 2009 HD Road King, and attempted to make up for all the miles I missed over the past 23 years.
Two years later I purchased a bar/restaurant called Jackass Flats that was on 7 acres of land in Dayton Ohio and renamed it Rip Rap Roadhouse (because its on Rip Rap Road). The bar is in a barn that was built in 1853 and was know...

#86 Shane Masters
Dayton, OH
1925 Indian Chief
Hello, I am Shane Masters one of three riders known as Team Rip Rap Riders. I will be riding a 1925 Indian Big Chief.
My love of antique motorcycles started over 40 years ago, while growing up in a family of motorcycle riders and antique motorcycle enthusiasts. My grandfather rode his motorcycle to every state in the U.S. As long as I can remember my father has owned motorcycles and along with his friend John Steelman, I caught the bug of riding and collecting motorcycles.
In my teens we restored a 1927 Harley Davidson Single, which I still own and ride today. I also have a passion for vintage cars, owning a 1927 Model T roadster. I am a member of The Road Devils Car Club, Ohio Chapter and Vintage Iron Motorcycle Club, Ohio Chapter. People ask me why I would want to attempt ...

#87 Brent Mayfield
Centerville, OH
1925 Harley Davidson
My name is Brent Mayfield. I have lived most of my life in Dayton, Ohio. I got indoctrinated in to motorcycles at a very young age as my father and several relatives all rode motorcycles. In early 1968, when I was a senior in high school, I started looking for my first bike and a friend of mine said he had won an old motorcycle in a poker game. He said it was all apart and would sell it to me for $80.00. Turned out it was a 1941 FL Knucklehead. Needless to say, once I got it together and started riding it, I was hooked.

From that first Knucklehead until now I have owned, built, restored and sold many motorcycles from Bobbers to Choppers, to high point restorations. While Harleys have been my main focus, I like all motorcycles and have owned many brands from Ariel to Zundapp.

Up unt...
#88 Doug WothkePunta Gorda, FL
1928 Indian Scout 101

#89 Cris Sommer-Simmons
Haiku, HI
1915 Harley Davidson 11J
Hey Cannonball Nation!

This will be my 4th time riding on the Cannonball and the 3rd time on the same bike, my 1915 HD Effie". Ive had an incurable case of Cannonball Fever ever since riding on the first one in 2010. Effie and I came in 20th place out of the 45, mostly male riders and it was a truly epic learning experience that I will never forget. That small group has become family and its been amazing how bonded we still are.

While I didnt ride in 2012, I opted to join the Support Staff in Milwaukee, staying on through the big finish in San Francisco and saw the other side of what hard work it takes to make this ride successful. Many long hours gave me an even greater appreciation for the staff.

In 2014, I rode and finished again, this time on my 1934 HD Buddy"...

#90 Paul Warrenfelt
Indianapolis, IN
1920 Triumph H
I am very excited about being accepted to be a participant in the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run!

Along with my teammates, Arrie (#70) and Skippy (#30) we are team Coventry T3. Coventry since all our bikes were manufactured there and T3 as there are three of us from three continents.

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, a city with the honorary title of the Racing Capital of the World".

I am formally trained in both Engineering and Business and have worked in both fields throughout my career. I currently work in the IT field.

My first motorcycle was a Harley Davidson Leggero. I had an incredible 65cc engine! This was well before I had my drivers license. My first real" motorcycle was a Triumph Tiger Cub with a 200cc engine. That was the one that really got me h...
#91 ZiggyKentucky
1928 Indian Scout 101

#92 Brian Pease
Milton, VT
1916 Henderson
I started riding in 1960 while attending college in Vermont on a 2HP Montgomery Ward Scooter. I progressed up to an old BSA Super Rocket before reverting back to 250cc bikes.

Armed with an EE degree, and a job in Connecticut, I dabbled in small sports cars for a few years before returning to motorcycles. A Honda CX500 gave way to a GL1100 Gold Wing followed by a Valkyrie, which was nice but so heavy!

After retiring back to Vermont, I acquired my first antique bike, a beautifully restored 1928 101 Scout that I still own. The Valkyrie gave way to an original paint 1975 GL1000 Gold Wing, starting my passion for 4-cylinder antique machines. Along the way I imported a 1953 inline 4-cylinder Nimbus from Denmark. After co-riding a 1923 Neracar, the Little Bugger, for Team Arcane i...
#94 Rich RauNewport, OR
1916 Indian Powerplus
#95 Steve AndreasenKennard, NE
1914 Harley Davidson 10B

#96 Doug Jones
Dalton, GA
1914 Indian Hedstrom
The quest to cross this country on antique motorcycles. Motorcycles that were the dawn of motorized transportation in this country. Man, how the technology has changed. Man, how much stays the same.

What day is it? Where are we heading tonight, have you seen the route sheet? Man the bike is running so good, this is great. How many miles between gas? It looks like rain. What is wrong now, this thing will hardly run, this sucks. 20 more miles. Where is Poplar Street, did I miss a turn? What year is the Indian? Got to fix the dome seal and pack this clutch bearing. You gonna ride in 2018? Are you crazy?
See you in Portland!

My name is Doug Jones, and my first taste of motorcycling was a Honda Mini trail. I was 6 years old. Ive raced them, cowtrailed with buddies, toured...

#97 Kevin Naser
Fort Calhoun, NE
1916 Indian Powerplus
One day in 1970, when I was an 11 year old boy at Papillion Junior High School, the teachers herded all us kids into the multi-purpose gymnasium for a special presentation. They'd brought in a man named Danny Liska to talk to us about his motorcycle ride from Nebraska to the tip of South America. He had a slide show with pictures of his BMW R60/2, and he had a snake skin that unrolled almost to the full width of our stage. He told us that when he got to the edge of the jungle he stuck his arm in and the foliage was so thick that he had trouble pulling his arm back out. I went straight home that night and told my mom that I was going to get a motorcycle. She was against it of course, but after a short time she let me get a Honda Z50 minibike. That was it. I haven't been without a bike since...

#98 Andrea Labarbara
Foxboro, MA
1913 Henderson
I got my first taste of motorcycles when I was about 8 years old and I wanted to keep up with my big brother and the other boys in the neighborhood. My bike was a 1975 Honda MR-50 which my husband restored and is still in our possession today. I dont think any of those boys are still riding?

My husband and I met during the 2001 Daytona Beach Bike week and motorcycles have remained a large part of our lives. Partners in everything we do, we set out to join the Cannonball in 2016 and just couldnt get things to work in our favor. Settling for a poster and a dream, we set our sights on 2018. With a lot of help and direction from our friend Dave McGraw putting us in touch with Mark Hill and the Wolf Pack, we are proud to be participating in the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball riding a 191...
#99 Jon Neuman Flower Mound, TX
1928 Harley Davidson JDH

#100 Pat Simmons
Haiku, HI
1928 Harley Davidson
Hi, Im Pat Simmons #100 from Haiku, Maui, Hawaii. This year Ill be riding my 1928 Harley JD. My wife Cris, and I are doing this together again. This will be her 4th time, and my 3rd. We always look forward to The Cannonball, and reconnecting with our many friends, and the open road. This is truly the only event of its kind that lets us ride this kind of distance on an old motorcycle, have the confidence to feel we have done as much preparation as we can, and know that we have the kind of back-up, and support that we will need as we traverse this beautiful country. Bless Lonnie Isam for his wonderful idea, (a true visionary), and Jason Sims, and his great team for continuing the adventure. I unfortunately cant finish the whole ride. I have to jump off about halfway across due to prior ...
#101 Terry RichardsonPratt, KS
1915 Harley Davidson

#102 Ciro Nisi
Brugherio, Italy
1919 Harley Davidson









#104 Bret YeagerAptos, CA
1914 Harley Davidson 10B

#107 Dennis Bensavage
Meyersdale, PA
1928 Indian Scout
My name is Dennis Bensavage. Im the owner of Beam Equipment and Supplies (an Engine Rebuilding Equipment and Supplies Company).

I got involved in the motorcycle cannonball back in 2012 when I sold some machines to Bucks Indian in Romney WV. They were working on a cannonball bike at the time and my interest was immediately sparked. I helped build their 2014 cannonball engine and went on to help build the Indian Powerplus engines for the 2016 cannonball. That year I went to Atlantic city for the cannonball start, it was the final hook that reeled me in, so here I am building a bike of my own to run.

#108 Joe Chance
Westphalia, IA
1928 Harley Davidson
Rider 108 is Joe Chance of Westphalia, Iowa.

He is an auto body repairman & works at Creative Concepts Collision Center in Harlan, Iowa.

The motorcycle is a 1928 Harley Davidson JD, affectionately named "Shirley".

The other members of "Team Not a Chance" are Shirley's mechanics, Ron Ronfeldt (who owns the bike), Emmert Andersen, & Mike Wuhlhutter, all of Harlan, Iowa.

#111 Jim Miner
Springville, UT
1918 Harley Davidson
Im Jim Miner from Springville Utah.
Growing up at a farm tractor dealership , (where I still work) I was always interested in anything with an engine. I loved motorcycles but Dad didnt. He said when I was 16 I could have one ,so I had to beg or borrow someone elses bike to ride till then. I brought home a Kawasaki 250 on my 16th birthday and quickly learned how to repair a motorcycle. After a few years racing motocross, and getting married I switched to an enduro. A bike little more practical with a family. Then one for everyone in the family. I bought my first Harley in 1993. A Sportster , then a Heritage in 98

After restoring tractors for years and riding motorcycles I started restoring bikes. I Started with a Bridgestone 175, then a Hodaka ace 90. Now I have doze...

#112 Ricky Bartel
Shioctin, WI
1926 Harley Davidson
Ricky Bartel & his wife Janis are from Shiocton, a small town in Northeast Wisconsin. For over 30 years they owned & operated a small trucking company out of their home until Ricks recent retirement.
Rick has been riding motorcycle for as long as he can remember, teaching Janis to ride in a parking lot in Green Bay, WI during college prior to their marriage . After high school graduation, Rick and several of his friends bought their first new motorcycles and headed west to watch Evil Knievel jump the Snake River Canyon. That was the beginning of numerous motorcycles and motorcycle trips. Shortly after his retirement, Rick ventured south and caught up with the 2016 Cannonball in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, helping Doc Hopkins and his team for part of the run and yes. He got the Vint...

#115 Chris Parry
Dallas, TX
1923 Norton 16H
Chris Parry was born in Northern Rhodesia, which, shortly thereafter, gained its independence from Britain and became Zambia. He believes these two events may or may not be linked. His childhood automotive memories are inextricably linked with Land Rovers and step-through Hondas. After his family moved back to the UK, Chris bought a Yamaha FS1E 50cc moped at 16 and was promptly knocked off by a banker in a white Jaguar. But the stage was already set for an abiding interest in all things two wheeled. Bankers... not so much.

After moving to Texas, Chris joined the North Texas Norton Owners Association (NTNOA) - a club dedicated to the preservation and use of British and European classic and vintage motorcycles. Chris has served as the club's Vice-President and President. He acquired a 197...

#116 Keith Martin
Dallas, TX
1925 Norton Big 4
A Sears 5HP mini bike at age 7 inspired Keith Martin's lifelong love of motorcycles. He's never been without one since. The owner of Big D Cycle in Dallas, Texas, says that he feels lucky to have been involved in the motorcycle business for 30 years as a dealer, racer, mechanic and restorer.

In 1987 Keith went to work for AMA hall-of-famer and renowned Triumph tuner, Jack Wilson. Working for Wilson, Keith learned to do the very best job he could on every bike he worked on.

Martin has participated in nearly every form of motorcycle competition including road racing, drag racing, land speed racing at Bonneville, and the Pike's Peak Hill Climb. He is excited to ride in his first Motorcycle Cannonball. However, Keith is no stranger to the race.
For 2016 Cannonball Century Race Keith pr...

#117 Todd Cameron
Monrovia, CA
1917 Harley Davidson
Im enjoying the challenge of rebuilding # 117 1917 Harley JD in preparation for this years Cannonball event. This original paint JD which has been raced in the family since the 40s is modified with era correct 74 cubic inch Recardo Cylinders. Being born into a family of motorcycle racing and collector enthusiasts, I am driven and honored to keep the family history alive by completing in the Cannonball this year.
I am a retired Mechanical Engineer, currently building a business renting recreational vehicles. In my spare time I race anything on two wheels or four wheels, from 450cc motocross and Supermoto bikes, 125cc shifter karts and endurance racing BMWs in ChumpCar and 24 Hours of Lemons. Its always exciting racing my 2017 Yamaha R1 then flashing back 100 years to the no power a...

#118 Fred Wacker
Lake Forest, IL
1913 Indian Hedstrom
My name is Fred Wacker, and I am looking forward to our second time participating in the Motorcycle Cannonball. As in 2016, Lucky 13 Racing is running my late fathers 1913 Hedstrom-powered Indian twin. Being around this motorcycle rekindles happy memories of my dad. He bought the bike in milk crates for loose change when I was 12 years old or so and I remember going to Iowa with him in our old Ford van to get it. I had some great times with my old man when it came to cycles, and that fun continues today. With a truly outstanding team of friends helping ready this 105 year old motorcycle to make its second cross country trip-- chief mechanic and main man Joe Walano, machinist and engineer Frank Schiddel, engine builder John Schnittker-- and with great family behind us, we are looking forw...
#119 Bert MiskellFrederick, MD
1913 Harley Davidson 9B

#120 Dave Minerva
Voorhess, NJ
1916 Harley Davidson
When it was announced that the starting point of the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball was going to be Atlantic City, NJ. I knew if I was ever going to do it, this was going to be the year. It's less than 40 miles from my home. I didn't have a bike that I thought I could do it on so I bought a bike. Immediately after my friend and teammate Anthony bought a 1915 Harley. I was told that the bike I purchased was not a great choice so I located a 1916 Harley that was wrecked early in it's life. It took the next 17 months getting the bike ready with the help of many friends. I still had concerns with less than a month to go but friends Steve Lippoldt and John Melniczuk helped me iron out my concerns. They assured me that the 1916 would be fine. These guys are the best at their profession.

I c...

#122 James Maloney
Upton, MA
1928 Indian Scout
Hello my name is James Maloney, the 2018 Cannonball will be my first Cannonball. I will be riding a 1928 Indian Short" Scout. I live in Upton MA, just west of Boston. I have three adult kids. I have served in the Army/ National Guard for 25 years and am a Firefighter in Watertown MA.

As most of my friends know, I take on crazy challenges. I have run the Boston Marathon Twice (when i had no business running it) to raise money for charity. I Completed Army Airborne and Air Assault School at 39 and 41 respectively. I constantly do crazy fun neat things.

My latest Challenge is riding a 90 year old motorcycle cross country.

I have realized I do these things to keep myself challenged and alive. I am a 3 tour combat vet, I think these events keep me motivated and challenged an...

#123 Charles Falco
Tucson, AZ
1928 Ariel Model C
Charles Falco was co-curator of the Guggenheim Museum's record-setting "The Art of the Motorcycle" exhibition whose 20th Anniversary coincides with the 2018 Cannonball, and is the author of "The Gold Star Buyer's Companion," now in its 5th edition

My first motorcycle was a Honda 50 when I was 15-1/2, at a time when California allowed someone that age to ride on the street without training or a helmet. Despite crashing that Honda when I was 15-3/4, since then I've had an ever-increasing number of motorcycles and have ridden many thousands of miles on modern and classic bikes in over a half-dozen countries.

My teammate on the Cannonball is #66 Tom Hayes, riding a 1923 Harley-Davidson twin

You can follow my restoration of the 1928 Ariel at:

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