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Other Year's Riders


2021 Riders

#1 Dean Bordigioni

Santa Rosa, CA

1923 Harley-Davidson J


Hello. My name is Dean Bordigioni and the 2021 Motorcycle Cannonball will be my 5th in a row.  My team, Team Vino, was fortunate and grateful to win the overall championship in 2018.  Since the 2020 Cannonball didn’t happen I get to run the Number 1 plate this year and in this Cannonball. I’m not quite...Read More

#2 Steve DeCosa

Oswego, NY

1915 Harley-Davidson 11F


Hello everyone, I am Steve DeCosa of Oswego, New York, Rider No. 2 for the 2020 Motorcycle Cannonball. I guess I’ve forgotten how difficult the Cannonball is, because I am back for a fourth time to ride an ancient machine across the U.S! In 2014 I rode from Daytona, Florida to Tacoma, Washington aboard a 1927...Read More

#3 Buck Carson

Livingston, TX

1927 Harley-Davidson JD


Hello Cannonball Nation, My name is Buck Carson, and I hail from a small town about an hour north of Houston, Texas. I’m an antique motorcycle enthusiast with a serious addiction to the Motorcycle Cannonball. Since 2012, I have been fortunate enough to be able to participate in four events alongside my father Mike Carson (#15),...Read More

#4 Mark Hill

Waddington, NY

1929 Henderson KJ


Mark Hill #4 of 4th Coast Fours, Waddington, New York: In 2010, I was a mechanic for Frank Westfall and his ’15 Henderson and Jim Dennie and his ’15 Militaire, and I have been involved in every Cannonball since then. At the time, I worked for the State University of New York at Canton in the...Read More

#5 Jeff Tiernan

Waddington, NY

1912 Henderson A

Read More

#6 Justin Rinker

Van Buren, OH

1929 Indian 101 Scout


Justin Rinker from Findlay, OH (originally from Romney, WV) is rider number 6. He is riding a 1929 Indian 101 Scout like his twin brother Jared (#37). Justin and his wife, Melody, have three kids; Karson, Landon, and Isabella. After being taught by his father and grandfather, Justin has been riding Indian motorcycles since he was...Read More

#7 Steve Rinker

Purgitsville, WV

1929 Indian 101 Scout


Steve Rinker (#7) of Buck’s Indian, located in Romney, WV, Is returning for his fourth Motorcycle Cannonball. Participation in the Cannonball to me is much more than just man versus machine, it’s making the imagination of a 12 year old boy come true. It all started with my dad, Buck, who had his first motorcycle at...Read More

#8 Joe Gimpel Jr.

Daytona Beach, FL

1928 BMW R52

#9 Chris Tribbey

Caledonia, WI

1923 Harley-Davidson Model J


I have been an active motorcycle enthusiast since 1978. Since then I have racked up over 500,000 miles on two wheels and have owned 50+ motorcycles. I have been lucky enough to have ridden on some awesome trips: Alaska, Mexico, Australia, and extensively in Europe. I am by nature a competitive person and have enjoyed competing...Read More

#10 Bill Page

Augusta, KS

1915 Harley-Davidson 11B


Click Here to Watch Rider Video The 2016 cannonball from Atlantic City to Carlsbad was one of the most challenging motorcycle journey’s I have been blessed to be a part of. I thought that there was no way this adventure could be topped, challenging not only myself, but my 100 year old 1915 single cylinder Harley...Read More

#11 Billy Page

El Dorado, KS

1913 Harley-Davidson 9B

Click Here to Watch Rider Video Motorcycles have literally played some sort of role throughout my entire life, thanks to my dad. When I was four years old he bought me my very first one and I’ve been hooked ever since. In the 2016 Cannonball I rode along as my dad’s pit crew, and in 2018...Read More

#12 Retired-Lonnie Isam Jr.

Sturgis, SD

Read More

#14 Loring Hill

Waddington, NY

1928 Indian Ace


Loring Hill #14 of 4th Coast Fours, Waddington, New York: I have been involved with the Motorcycle Cannonball since the inaugural endurance run in 2010 when I was 13 years old. Before I was old enough to ride my own bike in the run, I wrenched on Wolf Pack bikes from 2010-2016. Even though I rode...Read More

#15 Mike Carson

Livingston, TX

1928 Harley-Davidson JD


Mike Carson, The Good Looking Texan has been racing and riding since he was 13 years old, almost 70 years ago. He has ridden and raced internationally and has competed in 4 Cannonballs. Most currently he is racing in Billy Lane’s Sons of Speed and will also be racing in the 2019 The Chase on a...Read More

#16 Mike Jensen

Council Bluffs, IA

1910 Excelsior 4

Read More

#18 Doug Feinsod

Watsonville, CA

1929 Henderson KJ


Located somewhere deep in the Pacific Coast Range of Northern California, rider number 18 is the owner of Santa Cruz Vintage Cycles and he keeps himself quite busy with the business of buying, selling and swapping old motorcycles. Doug is one of only three riders who have managed to experience the transcontinental adventures of each one...Read More

#20 Denis Sharon

New Milford, CT

1916 Harley-Davidson F


Team Two Tired is not too tired to embark on our 4th Motorcycle Cannonball. The combination of physical and mechanical challenge, the camaraderie and the idea of crossing America on back roads at 45 mph on an antique motorcycle is just too hard to resist. Team Two Tired is comprised of my wife Beau, who is Vice President of Operations,...Read More

#21 Tom Banks

North Versailles, PA

1912 Harley-Davidson 8XA


Hello I’m Tom Banks from Pittsburgh, Pa. I grew loving motorcycles as my father was an Indian dealer and a flat track racer. My dads best friend Bob Hart was a Harley guy. So I collect mostly Harley’s and a few Indians and love old motorcycles. I’m so looking forward to the Cannonball 2020 as I...Read More

#22 Jeff Lauritsen

Kennard, NE

1914 Excelsior 7-SC


Jeff Lauritsen # 22 will be riding a 1916 Excelsior. Jeff first became interested in the cannonball run when he was introduced to it in 2012 as a spectator in Sturgis SD. As an avid rider and collector of antique motorcycles, Jeff fell in love with the cannonball run and the challenge that came along with...Read More

#23 Darryl Richman

Santa Cruz, CA

1928 BMW R52


Hi all!  I’m Darryl Richman, and I’ll be 62 years old when the 2020 Cannonball takes off.  I currently live in Santa Cruz, CA, but I grew up in LA and also lived in Seattle for a decade in the 90s.  I’ve motorcycled through 45 of the US states and about two dozen other countries.  I’m...Read More

#25 Scott Byrd

Arkadelphia, AR

1916 Harley-Davidson F


Rumor has it……that my love of motorcycles began at an early age when my parents forbid me to have one. So, I did what any red blooded American male would do….I bought one as soon as I moved out. My love of antique motorcycles developed over time, thanks to some great friends who have served as...Read More

#26 Mark Tatum

Jupiter, FL

1925 Harley-Davidson JDCB


“Dream big and dare to fail” – famed adventurer Norman Vaughn. To me, this represents the spirit of the Cannonball riders.  The physical and mental challenge of riding antique motorcycles thousands of miles competing against nature, other competitors, and one’s own self. I am honored to be in the 2020 Cannonball. I will be riding a...Read More

#27 Gary Shorman

Hays, KS

1926 Harley-Davidson JD


Growing up on the family farm in North Central Kansas, motorcycles fast became my favorite form of transportation. From an old Harley to numerous dirt bikes, we covered the farm with motorcycle tracks.  Several years ago the Motorcycle Cannonball traveled through Kansas making a stop in Dodge City. Since that time, several friends have participated in...Read More

#28 Joe Burch

Ferris, TX

1928 Harley-Davidson JDH


Left motorcycles behind, sold my 1967 XLCH to start a aviation company.  I was the owner , pilot, mechanic, accountant, sales person, you name it.  Flew corporate jets all over for several corporations. Even flew Chuck Yeager as a passenger one time.  My younger partner is taking over now so I can peruse my next career....Read More

#29 Ryan Allen

Santa Fe, NM

1916 Indian Powerplus


What is the Motorcycle Cannonball? Not just a trip but a journey for sure, trying to pilot a century old motorcycle across the USA can really test your sanity. Image that the paved back roads of today would’ve been a godsend to the frontier motorcycle rider. Consider then the roads of today have become the motorcycles...Read More

#30 Keith Kardell

Simpsonville, SC

1923 Harley-Davidson JD


Team #keithkardell 2021 sees Crazy Keith Kardell on another great adventure as he takes on the Motorcycle Cannonball. Crazy Keith will ride a 1923 H-D JD from Michigan where he grew up to Texas where he met his wife Lisa. In the 70’s he began his motorcycle stunt riding career riding Triumphs at drag strips throughout...Read More

#31 Michael Mooso

Greeley, CO

1922 Harley-Davidson F


Bought a ’41 Knuckle motor in 1972 for $150.  Built a bike from scratch that I’ve ridden for 47 years.  Got wrapped up in Cannonball fever a while ago and recently bought the second motorcycle I’ve ever owned.  Things are different this time.  Paid too much for a complete machine and immediately started tearing it to pieces!  Lots to learn …...Read More

#32 TJ Jackson

Mesa, AZ

1929 Scott Flying Squirrel

I started riding motorcycles when I was 16 in strict violation of my parents rules who forbade me to be near one. In 1976 when I was 21 and attending engineering college at Arizona State University I took a summer job in a local Mom and Pop Kawasaki dealership in Scottsdale, Arizona (Kactus Kawasaki) and never...Read More

#34 Ben Pierce

Burlington, VT

1926 Ner-a-car


Ben is a former software engineer who got into motorcycles for the first time with a 1956 BMW R50 which he still owns.  He’s ridden that bike from Vermont to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Quebec, and many other places around New England.  He’s worked at The Daily Rider in Burlington Vermont since 2010 where he repairs and...Read More

#35 Jon Dobbs

Boulder Junction, WI

1916 Harley-Davidson J

167 Jon’s adventure motorcycling started when he left town one day, drove to Alaska, and returned nearly three months and 13,000 miles later.  He says that he doesn’t know how his vintage motorcycle interest turned from an obsession to a disease, but he knows the Motorcycle Cannonball is to blame!  He first rode in 2016 and...Read More

#36 Keith Milne

Ben Lomond, CA

1928 Harley-Davidson JD


My name is Keith Milne from Ben Lomond, California and I am thrilled to be a 2020 Motorcycle Cannonball participant. I’ve been a life-long gearhead and sports car enthusiast, but came to motorcycling later than most. In the late 70s I inherited an exploded Honda CL175, rebuilt it, rode it for a year and parked it....Read More

#37 Jared Rinker

Van Buren, OH

1928 Indian 101 Scout


Jared Rinker from Findlay, OH (originally from Romney, WV) is rider #37. He is riding a 1928 Indian 101 Scout. Jared has three daughters – Jordan, Karter, and Spencer. He is also twin brother to, Justin Rinker #6, who is also a Cannonball competitor and riding an Indian 101. Jared grew up around motorcycles, started riding...Read More

#39 Cameron Saure

Queen Valley, AZ

1925 Harley-Davidson JDCB


My first knowledge of motorcycles began at a very young age from my Mothers Brother (uncle) who raced Harley Davidsons and Vincents in the 40s and 50s. He was into dirt flat track, drag racing and running a Vincent streamliner at Bonneville. He always sent me pictures and postcards of his racing exploits when I was a kid...Read More

#41 Jeff Mcallister

Ridgefield, CT

1927 Indian Big Chief

I have been a lover of motorbikes since my early teens. My first bike was a Zundapp 250, then came a bunch of little Hondas. But the holy grail in my neighborhood was the Triumph Bonneville which I finally acquired in 1978. I tried to buy one at the factory in England, but that’s a story...Read More

#42 Michael Bruso

Forest City, NC

1926 Harley-Davidson JD


I am a part of Team BAR  “Broke Ass Racing” along with Jake Martin #123. I grew up riding dirt bikes and four wheelers in Malone, a small town on the Canadian border in Northern NY.   Come to think of it, I actually had my motorcycle license before my drivers license. Most of my free...Read More

#43 Bill Kitchen

Visalia, CA

1928 Harley-Davidson JD


Greetings from Visalia, California . . . Gateway to the Sequoias! My name is Bill Kitchen and I’ve been an avid motorcyclist for most of my life and a commercial banker for forty of those years. My motorcyclist journey began as a pre-teen on a Montgomery-Wards mini-bike, motocross and flat-track racing in my teens; later to...Read More

#45 Dana Lasher

Morgan Hill, CA

1929 Indian 101 Scout


This is me, a 50ish software engineer who lives in the Silicon Valley.    This is my motorcycle, Oscar the bastard.  Oscar’s a 1929 Indian Scout 101.  Oscar’s a bastard because every part on him seems to come from a different father.   This is my workshop.  I restore cars and motorcycles here.  It’s amazing what...Read More

#46 David Reidie

Victoria, Australia

1929 Harley-Davidson JDH


I started riding motorcycles in 1965. Riding the 2018 Cannonball was a blast so I am back for another attempt. Harleys have been a big part of my life opening a Dealership in 1981 (Harley City Melbourne Australia). In 2017 I sold leaving me more family time as well as looking after my collection of mostly...Read More

#47 Aaron Loveless

Castroville, CA

1918 Harley-Davidson J


Aaron Loveless Video My name is Aaron Loveless and I live in the small town of Prunedale, California. I have always been obsessed with anything on wheels, and my love of vintage motorcycles started early on in life. By the time I graduated from North Monterey County High School, I had ridden my 1950’s motorized bicycle...Read More

#48 Bartek Mizerski

Wilmette, IL

1928 Indian 101


My name is Bartek Mizerski. I am from Poland, living in the U.S.  I am returning for my third Motorcycle Cannonball, having participated in the 2014 event when I rode my 1936 Polish motorcycle Sokol 1000, completing every mile. In 2018 I rode a 1928 Indian Scout 101, and I also had perfect race. For the...Read More

#49 Frank Westfall

Syracuse, NY

1913 Henderson B


I’m just a simple leather worker with a passion for motorcycles.  I’ve run the Great Race twice, competed in every single Motorcycle Cannonball, as well as the 2016 Cannonball overall winner.

Read More

#50 Steve Andreasen

Kennard, NE

1914 Harley-Davidson 10B


I’m Steve Andreasen along with my wife Robin live in eastern Nebr. where I farm and Robin works at the Local courthouse.     This is our second Cannonball, we had major engine problems in 2018, but with the help of fellow Cannonballs have got it sorted out.    In 2020 we plan on riding as a...Read More

#51 “Panhead Pat” Settersten

Monrovia, MD

1929 Harley-Davidson JD


   Hi, “Panhead” Pat Settersten here, the owner/rider of a 1929 Harley JD, hailing from Monrovia, Md. a small community outside of Frederick, Md.          I have always loved things mechanical, motorcycles and racing. I had a couple motorcycles before I brought home my first Harley, a Panhead, hence the nickname, in boxes when I was...Read More

#52 Doc Hopkins

Bonduel, WI

1916 Harley-Davidson J


From the very beginning I was fascinated with motorcycles. At the age of 15, I could not afford a motorcycle, so I built my own. I vibrantly bent a frame and fork out of tubing and built a chopper minibike with a five horsepower Briggs engine. And so, the journey began! I put 3,700 miles around...Read More

#53 Kersten Heling

Bonduel, WI

1922 Harley-Davidson J


I’m Kersten Heling, the one & only daughter of the spectacular Steve “Doc” Hopkins.  My lineage is deeply rooted in motorcycling. My Mother tells me I was born with a shop rag in my hand.  I’ve been testing the limitations of various vehicles ever since. Following my Dad’s lead, I developed a fond love for drag...Read More

#54 Brent Hansen

Sebastopol, CA

1926 BMW R42


I started riding motorcycles in 1968, and bought (with lots of saved newspaper money) a used Honda SL70 – my first bike. I wrenched for BMW in Medford Oregon for 6 years, and then attended grad school and became a registered nurse, staying in that profession for 25+ years. Since then, I’ve returned to my prior...Read More

#55 Marty Patterson

Rome Townsite, KS

1926 Harley-Davidson JD

#56 Victor Boocock

San Carlos, CA

1914 Harley-Davidson 10E

Read More

#58 Norm Nelson

Crescent City, FL

1911 Reading Standard Single

I’m from Florida and am looking forward to the 2020 Cannonball!  It’s going to be fun riding from the Canadian border to the Mexican border.  I’ve been to Sault Ste. Marie and to south Texas as well, and it will be a true challenge to ride the many miles over hills, mountains, and flat lands to...Read More

#59 Steve Gonzales

San Francisco, CA

1924 Harley-Davidson JD

Steve Gonzales lives in northern California where he fixes old motorcycles. Originally from Houston, Texas, Steve lived in a suburb of Chicago during the 60’s and ‘70s and in Los Angeles through the ‘80s. Steve ran his first Cannonball from Atlantic City to San Diego in 2016 and finished just short of getting all the miles....Read More

#60 John Bartman

DeBary, FL

1923 Harley-Davidson J


John has been kicking over, riding, and collecting Harley Davidson’s for over 40 years. He has always had a love for old Harley’s. After John started following the Motorcycle Cannonball, he knew he had to be part of the experience and threw his name into the hat. After finishing every mile on the 2018 Cannonball on...Read More

#61 Bob Zeolla

Foxboro, MA

1925 Harley-Davidson JE


Born in 1958 Boston, MA Married to Andrea Labarbara, #98, who placed third overall in the 2018 Cannonball on a 1913 Henderson prepared by Mark Hill and his team at 4th Coast Fours. Father of one son, 28 Yr Old Bobby the 3rd, who hobbies include race cars, skiing, and surfing. I began riding at around...Read More

#62 Jim Lodato

Hamilton, NJ

1928 Harley-Davidson JD


Team Unfinished Business In 2016 I had the opportunity to witness the start of the cannonball in Atlantic City. I was there to see Mike Gontesky #19. He rode my 1928 JD in 2014. I was bitten by the bug! I knew I had to try this and hoped they would allow a 90 year old...Read More

#63 Erik Bahl

Huntsville, AL

1915 Harley-Davidson 11F


I am riding a 1915 Harley Davidson 11F “Lucille” in the 2020 Cannonball. This will be my fourth Cannonball and my third on Lucille. She successfully completed all the miles in 2016 and 2018. I keep entertaining attempting this on a different motorcycle, but the 1915 Harley is so much fun to ride. This is such...Read More

#64 Dave Currier

Fargo, ND

1911 Harley-Davidson 7A


I have been riding motorcycle since I was very young. I have always been fascinated with the early motorcycle and the CANNONBALL HOOKED ME! This will be my 2nd Cannonball race. My first cannonball in 2018 was so much fun and challenging I just had to do it again. The 2020 Cannonball will be even more...Read More

#65 Mike Butts

Saint Michael, MN

1920 Harley-Davidson J


My name is Mike Butts and I am very excited to be participating in my second MotorcycleCannonball event. I’m not sure which bike I’ll be riding the year…that’s still for the CannonballGods to decide. I’ve been a motorcycle enthusiast since I was very young. Coming from a family of eleven, itwas not unusual for me and...Read More

#66 Juergen Ullrich

Arnstein, Germany

1911 Harley-Davidson 7B


Hi everyone, I am Juergen of Arnstein-Gaenheim in Germany. I rode the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball on my 1915 Harley-Davidson after I visited Cannonball 2014 and met Lonnie Isam Jr. at my home here in Germany. The plan was that my dad Herbert rides the 1915 as rider number 61 and myself my 1911 with rider number...Read More

#67 Vince Martinico

1917 Henderson Four


At 5 years old was lucky enough to ride my big brother’s go cart and that started everything, by 6th grade built a custom chopper sting ray bicycle for the Auto Rama custom car show. Bought my first Taco mini bike in 7th. grade and started  buying’s and selling dirt bikes and riding every day by...Read More

#68 Steve Obst

Plantation, FL

1929 Henderson KJ


Steve Obst here, letting you all know that I will be part of the 2020 Cannonball. On the 2018 Cannonball, my 80-year-old father and I met up with the WOLFPACK, that’s the Henderson motorcycle crew for the uninformed the day before the rest stop to find Mark Hill working on Frank Westfall ‘s bike. My Dad...Read More

#70 Wade Mueller

Milwaukee, WI

1924 Henderson Deluxe


Hi, my name is Wade Mueller.  I work as a Professor of Neurosurgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.  I’ve been an active motorcyclist since about age 14.  Over time, I’ve been involved with scrambles, flat track, amateur road racing and am still involved with ice racing. My main current involvement with bikes is...Read More

#71 Todd Kraft

Santa Cruz, CA

1928 Harley-Davidson JDH


Todd Kraft, #71, is on his third Cannonball Run with his father Dan Kraft.  Todd has spent the last 30 of his 52 years devoted to raising a family with his lovely wife, Beth. They live in Ben Lomond, CA and together they have three grown sons. Todd is the eldest son of Dan Kraft #72...Read More

#72 Dan Kraft

1928 Indian 401

1928 Indian 401


Dan Kraft, #72 was the same age as his riding number in 2016 on his second Cannonball Run.   In 2014 Dan rode with his middle son, Robb Kraft; and in 2016 and 2018 with his eldest son, Todd Kraft  #71. In 2020 Dan and Todd (#71) will partner again.  Dan has been married to his beautiful...Read More

#73 George Unruh

St. John, KS

1924 Harley-Davidson JDCA


George’s love of motorcycles started early as his oldest brother Jim would give him rides on his 1947 Knuckle and 1960 Panhead.  Although George tried hundreds of times to kick start Jim’s bike, he never could get it started – usually because the battery was bad.  He could never have a motorcycle as a kid at...Read More

#74 Rowdy Schenck

Carlsbad, NM

1915 Harley-Davidson


Click Here to Watch Rowdy’s Rider Video Cannonball Runs can be so hard on a person. Particularly for those riders that are the rider, the mechanic, the logistics person, the spare parts guy, the trailer lights technician, the welder, wiring genius, magneto diagnostician, patcher of inner tubes plus a bunch of shit I can’t remember. Yeah,...Read More

#75 Dan Emerson

Woodstock, CT

1913 Excelsior 4c


#76 Oliver Peck

Dallas, TX

1916 Harley-Davidson


Born in Texas in 1971 and raised to be a proud American. A Lover of American Automobiles his favorites being Harley Davidson and Oldsmobile.  Oliver has a collection of over 40 Harley Davidson Motorcyles ranging from 1916 to 2013, and is a member of the Cherokee Chapter of the AMCA.  He has been a professional Tattooer...Read More

#77 Richard Asprey

South Lake, TX

1915 Norton TT

Richard Asprey is a native Londoner who moved to Texas in 2001. He’s been riding motorbikes since he bought his first bike at age 15; a used Garelli Tiger Cross 50cc 2-stroke.The little Garelli was still his daily rider when he started working for Lloyd’s of London. Since selling his business a few years ago, Richard...Read More

#78 Clint Funderburg

Toledo, OR

1916 Indian Powerplus


I am a commercial fisherman based out of Newport, OR.  I have been interested  and around motorcycles my whole life, but only really became interested in the old stuff when I first read of Lonnie Isam Jr. putting together the first Cannonball, I thought it looked like one of the coolest things ever! Iwas finally able...Read More

#79 Jody Perewitz

Halifax, MA

1912 Harley-Davidson Single


Jody Perewitz has been around motorcycles all her life. From a kid in her dad’s shop to setting land speed records, Jody has become well-known throughout the motorcycle community for her both her knowledge of bikes and riding skills. Jody paved her own way into history by becoming the first woman ever to ride an American...Read More

#80 Shinya Kimura

Azusa, CA

1915 Indian C3 Twin

Read More

#81 Larry Butts

Minneapolis, MN

1929 Harley-Davidson JD


My name is Larry Butts from Minneapolis, MN. I am currently preparing a 1929 Harley Davidson Model JD to join my brother, Mike (2018 CB), to compete in my first Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run. My motorcycle passion began at a very young age witnessing my father, a lifelong HD rider, and joining my 3 older brothers...Read More

#82 Chris O’Brien

Vashon, WA

1928 Henderson DeLuxe


I have been riding, fixing and collecting motorcycles as a hobby since 1974. Now I am a retired Neurologist living in Vashon, WA. The 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball was about as much fun as someone can have on a old bike. For us, this was special as the “Blue Bird” is a tribute to my relative, Alan...Read More

#83 Jon Szalay

Barnegat, NJ

1913 Excelsior 7B

Jon Szalay’s third Cannonball, each with a different pre 1915 Motorcycle.  As a restorer, collector, and curator of these old machines it’s important to Jon on the Cannonball rides he puts together a different bike each time. “We don’t do this ride because it’s easy, We do it for the challenge”!  For Jon part of that challenge...Read More

#84 George Banks

Conneautville, PA

1913 Harley-Davidson 9E


My heart pumps 60 wt.  I’m George (G-MAN) Banks, I’ve been around motorcycles my entire life. My father was an Indian dealer and flat track racer. His best friend and my mentor Bob Hart gave me a ride on his 58 pan in 1968.  I was hooked and always will be.  I’ve been riding ever since,...Read More

#85 Jason Wadzinski

Beavercreek, OH

1924 Indian Big Chief


got a late introduction to the wonders of vintage motorcycles. I rode newer bikes when I was younger, but after laying a bike down shortly after starting my first business when I was 25, I decided that I wanted to see the business succeed and that I wanted to have children some day, so I quit...Read More

#86 Shane Masters

Dayton, OH

1925 Indian Big Chief


 Hello, I am Shane Masters, Team Rip Rap Riders.  I am a member of the Dayton, Ohio Chapter of The Vintage Iron Motorcycle Club and Road Devils Car Club.   I will be again riding a 1925 Indian Big Chief.  I call the Smoking Indian.  It started off as a dream to just be accepted and ride...Read More

#87 Brent Mayfield

Centerville, OH

1925 Harley-Davidson JD


My name is Brent Mayfield. I have lived most of my life in Dayton, Ohio. I got indoctrinated in to motorcycles at a very young age as my father and several relatives all rode motorcycles. In early 1968, when I was a senior in high school, I started looking for my first bike and a friend...Read More

#88 Doug Wothke

Punta Gorda, FL

1921 Harley-Davidson JD

Read More

#90 Mark Coyne

Mount Pleasant, MI

1929 Henderson KJ


Hello, I am Mark Coyne from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. My first bike was a 1971 H-D Baja 100, that I bought new when I was 14 years old. I still own my mother’s 1964 BMW R-60 and my father’s 1968 H-D XLCH (family heirlooms). My brother David and I are 3rd generation owners of a fuel/propane distributorship that...Read More

#92 Brian Pease

Milton, VT

1917 Henderson G


I started riding in 1960 while attending college in Vermont on a 2 HP Montgomery Ward Scooter.  I progressed up to an old  BSA Super Rocket before reverting back to 250cc bikes.  Armed with an EE degree, and a job in Connecticut, I dabbled in small sports cars for a few years before returning to motorcycles. ...Read More

#95 Vinnie Grasser

Sun City Center, FL

1916 Harley-Davidson J


I was given a ride in 1962 at age 5 on my uncles new Triumph, started dirt track racing (limited) in 1969 the riding continues…..I will be 64 in 2020, Retired from Construction in 2019

Read More

#96 Doug Jones

Dalton, GA

1913 Indian Single


The quest to cross this country on antique motorcycles. Motorcycles that were the dawn of motorized transportation in this country.  Keep it early, keep it simple, and keep it rolling. My name is Doug Jones, #96, and 2020 will be my fourth Cannonball. Each event has been different, taking on its own character. As each day...Read More

#97 Kevin Naser

Fort Calhoun, NE

1916 Indian Powerplus


One day in 1970, when I was an 11 year old boy at Papillion Junior High School, the teachers herded all us kids into the gymnasium for a special presentation. It turns out they’d brought in a man named Danny Liska to talk to us about his motorcycle ride from northern Alaska to the tip of...Read More

#98 Andrea Labarbara

Foxboro, MA

1913 Henderson B


I got my first taste of motorcycles when I was about 8 years old and I wanted to keep up with my big brother and the other boys in the neighborhood. My bike was a 1975 Honda MR-50 which my husband restored and is still in our possession today. I don’t think any of those boys...Read More

#99 Jon Neuman

Flower Mound, TX

1928 Harley-Davidson JDH

Hi, My name is Jon Neuman and I am a part of TEAM WHITE TRASH. I was raised in Texas and began motorcycling as a boy, buying my first bike with my own money at age 13. Cycling and building bikes has always part of my life, even as I pursued a career, married and raised...Read More

#101 Terry Richardson

Pratt, KS

1928 Harley-Davidson JDS

My name is Terry Richardson, I live in Pratt, Kansas. I work for my wife, I do this by staying out of her way. I am also held hostage by three  extremely capable tool pushers and one grouchy shop manager in our oilfield and equipment fabrication side, and I am blessed to have a millennial and...Read More

#103 Andy Divine

Bonesteel, SD

1917 Indian Powerplus


When I was a little kid, every summer the motorcycles would go past my house along South Dakota Highway 18 heading to Sturgis.  When they started their annual migration to the Black Hills, I knew it was only a matter of time before my Uncle Pat would be showing up on his Harley.  He’d work a...Read More

#104 Bret Yeager

Aptos, CA

1928 Indian 101

266 My story is simple like me… I’ve collected and hunted old junk my whole life and like most people, I followed cannonball from a distance, but never thought I would be a part if it. I always thought it was a rich mans sport and not for us working stiffs. Well, after being fortunate enough...Read More

#105 Tim Burns

Cottage Grove, OR

1925 Harley-Davidson JDCB


Hi, my name Tim Burns, from Cottage Grove, Oregon & will be riding my 1925 Harley-Davidson 74″ JDCB on the 2021 Motorcycle Cannonball. I have been riding Harleys since buying my first motorcycle at 18, a 1969 sportster, in 1985. It blew up after a couple months & I bought a 84” stroker 62 pan-shovel. I...Read More

#106 Bryan Bossier Sr.

Woodworth, LA

1923 Henderson DeLuxe


As a third generation gravel miner and highway contractor I’ve always been enamored by anything with a motor from an electric razor to a locomotive. In fact, my great uncle, Herman Hameric Holloway, owned the Louisiana Midland Railroad and invented the stick picker and Holloway suction for mining gravel.      Gas explosions escaping from an engine’s...Read More

#107 Kanjana Kankhuntod Indian AA

Westfield, MA

1929 Indian 101 Scout


Click Here to Watch Indian AA’s Rider Video

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#108 Joe Chance

Westphalia, IA

1928 Harley-Davidson JD


Hi my name is Joe Chance of Westphalia Iowa and I am the writer of 108 in the 2021 motorcycle Cannonball. I’m an auto body technician at Creative concepts located in Harlan Iowa. Fixing wrecked vehicles is what I do most of the time, but painting motorcycles is my passion. Team Not a Chance includes me...Read More

#109 Alex Trepanier

Montrose, CA

1929 Indian 402


My name is Alex Trepanier rider #109. I am very excited to be back on another motorcycle ride with some really great old friends and I hope to make some new ones along this trip as well. I really enjoyed the 2016 event with my 1912 Indian single. This year I am running my 1929 Indian...Read More

#110 Brianna Meisinger

Plymouth, MN

1929 Indian 101 Scout


Hi everyone! I am Brianna, I’m a nurse living in Minnesota who did not grow up around or riding motorcycles. My first experience on a motorcycle was a Yamaha 230 dirt bike at about the age 16 when my stepdad Mike Butts (#65) was teaching me how to ride. We were up at the cabin, and...Read More

#111 Jim Miner

Springville, UT

1918 Harley-Davidson J


Growing up at a farm tractor dealership , (where I still work) I was always interested in anything with an engine. I loved motorcycles but Dad didn’t. He said when I was 16 I could have one ,so I had to beg or borrow someone else’s bike to ride till then. I brought home a Kawasaki...Read More

#112 Dennis Peterson

Granite Bay, CA

1929 Harley-Davidson JD


I was born in Southern California where I lived with my parents, native Swedes, and my older sister. When in eighth grade my family moved to Stockton, CA where I finished high school. It was great to be out of LA and in the “country”! I attended UC Davis where I met my wife Gayle. We...Read More

#113 Geoff Loveless

Castroville, CA

1918 Harley-Davidson J


56 years old born in Salinas CA. Fascination with motorcycles started when I was around 4 watching my older cousins Robert and James messing with their motorcycles. My whole life I’ve been interested in anything with an engine. I was in shop classes all through high school. Graduated from UTI in Phoenix. Immediately went to work at...Read More

#114 Stewart Garrison

Arlington, TX

1925 Norton TT


Stewart Garrison from Arlington, TX has had a passion for motorcycles since childhood. Stewart owns and operates a landscape construction company which has created fabulous projects all over the Dallas/Fort Worth TX metroplex. He bought his first Norton in 1973 and his first Triumph in 1975. Over the past 30 years he has spent all his...Read More

#115 Chris Parry

Grapevine, TX

1923 Norton 16H


Chris Parry was born in Northern Rhodesia, which, shortly thereafter, gained its independence from Britain and became Zambia. He believes these two events may or may not be linked. His childhood automotive memories are inextricably linked with Land Rovers and step-through Hondas. After his family moved back to the UK, Chris bought a Yamaha FS1E 50cc...Read More

#116 Keith Martin

Dallas, TX

1924 Norton 16H


A Sears 5HP mini bike at age 7 inspired Keith Martin’s lifelong love of motorcycles. He’s never been without one since. The owner of Big D Cycle in Dallas, Texas, says that he feels lucky to have been involved in the motorcycle business for 30 years as a dealer, racer, mechanic and restorer. In 1987 Keith...Read More

#117 Shannon Heling

Bonduel, WI

1924 Harley-Davidson J


As a kid, I always loved figuring out how things worked. I would take anything electrical or mechanical apart to try to fix it or repurpose the components. At 9 years old, my parents bought me my first mini bike for Christmas, which I nicknamed my Harley. When I was 11, I remember shopping with my...Read More

#119 Bert Miskell

Frederick, MD

1913 Harley-Davidson 9B


Bert Miskell will be riding his 1913 Harley Davidson in his third Motorcycle Cannonball. As a novice antique motorcycle owner and rider in the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball, he became an obsessed, enthusiast well before the finish line in Carlsbad. When preparing for and riding in 2016, he discovered a community of antique bike enthusiasts across the...Read More

#120 Dave Minerva

Voorhees, NJ

1913 Harley-Davidson 9B


Here we go again, this will be my third Cannonball. The Cannonball is a real addiction. It is the hardest thing I ever attempted to do. It is a tremendous amount of work. Even getting prepared for the start is a major accomplishment. Preparation is the key. No amount of preparation can prevent a flat tire,...Read More

#121 Bob Fuller

Mattoon, IL

1924 Harley-Davidson FD


I am very excited to be part of the Cannonball. I will be riding my 1924 FD Harley Davidson. I have always had a passion for Harley’s and riding adventures.  Hoping this will be another great trip!

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#122 James Maloney

Hopkinton, MA

1921 Indian Scout


Hello my name is James Maloney, the 2018 Cannonball will be my first Cannonball.  I will be riding a 1928 Indian “Short” Scout.  I live in Upton MA, just west of Boston. I have three adult kids. I have served in the Army/ National Guard for 25 years and am a Firefighter in Watertown MA. As...Read More

#123 Jake Martin

Wales, ME

1929 Harley-Davidson JD


Ever since I was young I could be found riding around in something.  I grew up around motorcycles and it was a bug that I just couldn’t shake.  When I turned 21 I bought my first Harley, a 77 Lowrider, and I still have it tucked away.  Over the years I have bought and sold many...Read More

#124 Randy Samz

Shiocton, WI

1928 Harley-Davidson JD

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#125 Gary Montgomery

Sierra Vista, AZ

1927 Indian Big Chief

My name is Gary Montgomery and I will turn 77 years old during the 2020 Motorcycle Cannonball. My fascination with motorcycles started when I and some elementary school classmates would sneak off campus to go sit on some older students’ Harley Hummers that were parked in the back yard of a private residence. Next was an...Read More

#154 David Lloyd

Olive Branch, MS

1919 Harley-Davidson F


Hello Again!!! As I reflect on the awesome opportunity to ride again in the 2020 Motorcycle Cannonball run, many fun memories flush into my mind. As a rookie rider with team Carson Classic Motors in the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball run, I considered that ride larger than any bucket list I could have ever imagined. It was...Read More

#192 Matt Lyman

Maribel, WI

1918 Indian Powerplus


Hello New Friends and Cannonball Enthusiasts! My name is Matt Lyman.  For the past decade I’ve read stories about this great adventure called the Motorcycle Cannonball!  In 2021 I’ll become a first-time Cannonball rider myself!   Riding the back roads of our beautiful country, from top to bottom, on a century old machine, will be an actual...Read More

#199 Todd Cameron

Monrovia, CA

1909 Indian


I enjoying the challenge of riding in the 2018 CB for the first time on # 117 1916 Harley JD. This original paint JD which has been raced in the family since the 40’s is modified with era correct 74 cubic inch Recardo Cylinders. Being born into a family of motorcycle racing and collector enthusiasts, I...Read More