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Other Year's Riders


2023 Riders

#1 Dave Currier

Fargo, ND

1911 Harley Davidson


#1 Dave Currier Fargo, North Dakota 1911 Harley Single Team Dakota The 2023 Cannonball will be my 3rd cannonball race. In 2018 I rode a 1915 Harley twin finishing 13th overall. 2021 Cannonball was a Big Year winning the class 1 and overall winner. I was riding a 1911 Harley single. This was the oldest and...Read More

#9 Chris Tribbey

Caledonia, WI

1923 Harley Davidson J

#26 Mark Tatum

Jupiter, FL

1933 Harley Davidson VLD

#27 Gary Shorman

Hays, KS

1926 Harley Davidson JD


Gary Shorman Bio Cannonball Rider #27 2/01/2023​ Alive2ride! Questionable friends and the quest for new roads on old motorcycles led me to the 2019 Cross Country Chase…and now to my second Cannonball. The Chase was not only an adventure, but for me was a life changing fork in the road. Since then, I finished with perfect...Read More

#28 Richard Julian

Wilmington, DE

1930 Indian Chief

I have been riding motorcycles since 1966. Most of my bikes are antique Indians, but I have a collection European brands and 2 Harleys. I started riding on a Vespa 180SS in College. After 2 years in the US Army I graduated to a 250 Kawasaki 2 stroke. In 1977 I purchased a 1938 Indian 4...Read More

#30 Keith Kardell

Simpsonville, SC

1923 Harley Davidson JD


Team #keithkardell 2023 sees Keith Kardell on another great adventure as he takes on the Motorcycle Cannonball. Keith will once again be riding his 1923 H-D JD affectionately known as “Temperamental Judy”. Chase crew will include engine builder Tommy Sloan and Al Roberts. When asked, Keith says “As a participant of the Motorcycle Cannonball my goals...Read More

#31 Mike Mooso

Greeley, CO

1922 Harley Davidson JD


Bought a ’41 Knuckle motor in 1972 for $150.  Built a bike from scratch that I’ve ridden for 47 years.  Got wrapped up in Cannonball fever a while ago and recently bought the second motorcycle I’ve ever owned.  Things are different this time.  Paid too much for a complete machine and immediately started tearing it to pieces!  Lots to learn …...Read More

#32 TJ Jackson

Mesa, AZ

1929 Scott Flying Squirrel Deluxe


I have spent the last 47 years as a career motorcycle mechanic and shop owner in Mesa and Tempe Arizona. I sold my business in 2014 and have concentrated on restoring and maintaining vintage motorcycles for myself and clients. The Cannonball seemed to be the ultimate test of my restoration and mechanical shills so I opted...Read More

#33 Dale Vandeursen

Grant Park, IL

1928 Terrot HSC


Dale from Grant Park, IL. I am a carpenter by trade and enjoy rebuilding and restoring anything that burns gasoline. I will be riding a 1928 Terrot , 350ccs, single cylinder, French motorcycle.

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#34 Ben Pierce

Williston, VT

1926 Neracar C

Got into bikes late in life (age 27) with a 1956 BMW and started working as a motorcycle mechanic in 2010. Worked on lots of unusual bikes including Guazzonis, Neracars, Zündapps, Jawas. Won championships in 50cc roadracing with USCRA and rode Neracars in two previous Cannonballs.
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#36 Jonas Zahn

Beaver Dam, WI

1928 Moto Guzzi Sport 14


Hailing from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, I will be riding in my first Motorcycle Cannonball in 2023. I am returning to cross country riding after more than 20 years since making 5 solo adventures on my 1978 BMW R100/7 between 1995 and 1999. I’ve owned and/or restored more than a dozen motorcycles ranging from a 1959 HD...Read More

#37 Jared Rinker

Rudolph, OH

1928 Indian 101 Scout


Jared Rinker from Findlay, OH (originally from Romney, WV) is rider #37. He is riding a 1928 Indian 101 Scout. Jared has three daughters – Jordan, Karter, and Spencer. Jared received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University Kentucky in 2007 and has worked as an engineer for Marathon Petroleum ever since. Jared...Read More

#38 Wojciech Kasperuk

Seymour, CT

1931 BMW R2

Wojciech Kasperuk from Seymour, CT (originally from Poland). I am long time motorcycle enthusiast. This year will be my first time riding in the Cannonball. I started riding motorcycles at the very early age back in Poland and I was always in love with old motorcycles. I am very active in the road racing, I have...Read More

#39 Mike Moon

Colorado Springs, CO

1932 Harley Davidson VL


My name is Mike Moon or Moondog to most of my friends. I’m from Colorado Springs and love riding in the mountains. I have loved motorcycles and riding since before I can remember. I loved riding with my Dad and Grandfather. I fell in love with vintage bikes as a teenager, and that has grown into...Read More

#43 Bill Kitchen

Visalia, CA

1928 Harley Davidson JD


Life long enthusiast, retired bank executive and now, the amazing Element Fire Extinguisher distributor. 2021 Motorcycle Cannonball co-rider with brother Eric. Returning this year with another 1928 JD as both Eric and I will riding together. Brother John will provide support.

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#44 Eric Kitchen

Visalia, CA

1928 Harley Davidson JD

Life-long enthusiast, general contractor by trade and 2021 Motorcycle Cannonball co-rider with brother Bill. We’ve added another 1928 Harley JD to the stable so both Bill and I intend to individually ride all of the miles back to our home state of California.
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#45 Dana Lasher

Denver, CO

1929 Indian 101 Scout

#46 David Reidie

Castlemaine, VIC Australia

1929 Harley Davidson JDH

David Reidie is the curator of the Harley City Collection:
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#47 Gary Brace

Waynesville, NC

1928 Harley Davidson JD

#50 Robin Andreasen

Kennard, NE

1914 Harley Davidson 10B


#50 Robin Andreasen Robin along with her husband with her husband Steve (Buck) live in Eastern Nebraska where he farms and she is the newly elected Washington County Assessor. Steve previously rode in the 2018 & 2021 Motorcycle Cannonball with Robin being the support crew. This year Robin is planning on riding this year with Steve...Read More

#52 Stephen “Doc” Hopkins

Bonduel, WI

1916 Harley Davidson J


From the very beginning I was fascinated with motorcycles. At the age of 15, I could not afford a motorcycle, so I built my own, a chopper minibike with a five horsepower Briggs engine. And so, the journey began! I rode 3,700 miles around my hometown of Algoma, Wisconsin, located on the shores of Lake Michigan....Read More

#53 Kersten Heling

Bonduel, WI

1922 Harley Davidson JD


I’m Kersten Heling, the one & only daughter of the spectacular Steve “Doc” Hopkins. My lineage is deeply rooted in motorcycling. My Mother tells me I was born with a shop rag in my hand. I’ve been testing the limitations of various vehicles ever since. Following my Dad’s lead, I developed a fond love for drag...Read More

#55 Pat Patterson

Castle Rock, CO

1932 Harley Davidson VL

#56 Victor Boocock

Sab Carlos, CA

1914 Harley Davidson 10E


80years old been riding 65 years started riding for transportion then moved into compititionth, trials, motocross, enduros, for twenty years then have enjoyed riding my 14 hd since buying it 50 years ago.

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#59 Micah Mccloskey

Auburn, CA

1928 Indian 101 Scout

#60 John Bartman

De Bary, FL

1923 Harley Davidson J


John has been kicking over, riding, and collecting Harley Davidson’s for over 40 years. He has always had a love for old Harley’s. After John started following the Motorcycle Cannonball, he knew he had to be part of the experience and threw his name into the hat. After finishing every mile on the 2018 and 2021...Read More

#61 Robert Zeolla

Foxboro, MA

1925 Harley Davidson JE

Born in 1958 Boston, MA Married to Andrea Labarbara, #98, who placed third overall in the 2018 Cannonball on a 1913 Henderson prepared by Mark Hill and his team at 4th Coast Fours. Father of one son, 28 Yr Old Bobby the 3rd, who hobbies include race cars, skiing, and surfing. I began riding at around...Read More

#62 Bob Jesernik

Homer Glen, IL

1927 Harley Davidson JD


Bob Jesernik from Homer Glen, Illinois. I’ve worked construction for 40 years in Chicago. I was fortunate to ride my 1951 Panhead Chopper in last year’s Route 66 Cross Country Chase and had a blast! As I discovered, these are my people. I’ll be riding a 1927 Harley-Davidson JD in this year’s Cannonball. I’m new to...Read More

#65 Mike Butts

Minneapolis, MN

1929 Harley Davidson JDH

#68 Lochlain Lewis

Willow Grove, PA

1932 Harley Davidson VL


I live in Willow Grove, PA with my wife, and some old motorcycles that have taken up residence. I’ve been riding most of my adult life and recently rediscovered the joy of riding old bikes. Well, my first bike was a shovelhead. But they weren’t old back then. This is not only the first Cannonball for...Read More

#70 Wade Mueller

Milwaukee, WI

1924 Henderson Deluxe

#73 George Unruh

Saint John, KS

1924 Harley Davidson JD


The Cannonball just keeps getting better – not only will George be riding across the country this year, his sons Grant and Shawn (Odie) will be joining for the experience. Grant will be riding his 1926 JD and Shawn will be the driver for the trailer race. The whole family has been bitten by the antique...Read More

#81 Larry Butts

Minneapolis, MN

1929 Harley Davidson JD

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#82 Peter Hardsteen

Angel Fire, NM

1928 BMW R52


Born and raised in Amsterdam in 1960. Owned my first motorcycle business in 1983. Since then I stayed involved in many motorcycle businesses. I raced in motor cross up till 1981, then since 1981 I raced the Paris Dakar, Morocco Rally and the Tunisia Rally and many more. After that I raced The Dakar and Trans...Read More

#83 Gerhard Wellman


1913 Indian Big Twin

Hi, i´am Gerhard Wellmann from Halle/Westfalia, a small town in Western-Germany. My age is 61 and this will be my first Cannonball-Run. Getting support from my team: Wife Karin, our son Marco and friend Robby. Robby helped a lot getting ready my 1913 Indian Big-Twin for this great event. Looking forward to meet you all in...Read More

#86 Eduardo Contreras

Del Mar, CA

1941 Harley Davidson WLA

#90 Mark Coyne

Mount Pleasant, MI

1930 Henderson KJ

#92 Brian Pease

Milton, VT

1917 Henderson G


Profile of Brian Pease, 1917 Henderson #92 I started riding in 1960 while attending college in Vermont on a 2 HP Montgomery Ward Scooter. I progressed up to an old BSA Super Rocket before reverting back to 250cc bikes. Armed with an EE degree, and a job in Connecticut, I dabbled in small sports cars for...Read More

#99 Todd Cameron

Monrovia, CA

1909 Indian Single


I enjoying the challenge of competing in the Motorcycle Cannonball especially riding in Class 1 with the nearly impossible task of nursing a single cylinder, no gearbox 3HP modified bicycle across the country. It will take take some innovative on the spot MacGyvery to finish. A little about me I am a retired Mechanical Engineer/fabricator/ tinkerer,...Read More

#101 Terry Richardson

Pratt, KS

1930 Harley Davidson V

#104 Fabio Costamagna

Pianfei, Italy

1930 Harley Davidson V

Italian, 48 years old, no wife, no children, only my motorcycles. Expert rider, Harley Davidson collector, co owner of Patina Garage.
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#103 Andy Divine

Bonesteel, SD

1917 Indian Powerplus

#105 Tim Burns

Cottage Grove, OR

1925 Harley Davidson JDCB


Hi, my name Tim Burns, from Cottage Grove, Oregon & will be riding my 1925 Harley-Davidson 74″ JDCB again on the 2023 Motorcycle Cannonball. I have been riding Harleys since buying my first motorcycle at 18, a 1969 sportster, in 1985. It blew up after a couple months & I bought a 84” stroker 62 pan-shovel....Read More

#107 Cristiano Pelganta

Baveno, VB Italy

1929 Harley Davidson JD

Italian, 48 years old, Vintage Harley-Davidson enthusiast, no wife, no children, only my bikes. Pretty expert rider, not a great mechanic but I’ll do my best. I have a vintage HD buy/sell business with my best friend Fabio Costamagna, we are Patina Garage Italy.
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#109 Alex Trepanier

Montrose, CA

1912 Indian Single


Howdy! Iam Alex if you are looking at this you have found the cannonball!!!! Your life will never be the same….. old motorcycles are more addicting then drugs! Just take a ride kid I won’t tell your mom! Anyhow all jokes aside old motorcycles are my life and my fellow riders and enthusiasts are my family...Read More

#110 Brianna Meisinger

Minneapolis, MN

1929 Indian 101 Scout


Hi everyone! I am Brianna, I’m a nurse living in Minnesota who did not grow up around or riding motorcycles. My first experience on a motorcycle was a Yamaha 230 dirt bike at about the age 16 when my stepdad Mike Butts (#65) was teaching me how to ride. We were up at the cabin, and...Read More

#112 Luca Geron

Castelfranco Veneto, Italy

1926 Harley Davidson JD


Italian 50 years hold, Harley Davidson collector, married with Chiara, we have 4 children. Medium expert rider, medium expert mechanic. Friend of patina garage Italy

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#114 David Baird

Kent, OH

1925 Harley Davidson JD


I have been riding motorcycles since 1977. I got my first Harley in 1984 and have never been without one since. I’ve had Panhead’sShovelhead’s, evo’s,twin cams, and m8’s. These old F heads have always fascinated me. I rode in 2016, 2018 and 2021 cannonball, but on my modern bike, for a few states. My first time...Read More

#117 Shannon Heling

Bonduel, WI

1924 Harley Davidson J


As a kid, I always loved figuring out how things worked. I would take anything electrical or mechanical apart to try to fix it or repurpose the components. At 9 years old, my parents bought me my first mini bike for Christmas, which I nicknamed my Harley. When I was 11, I remember shopping with my...Read More

#119 Bert Miskell

Frederick, MD

1913 Harley Davidson 9B

#119 BERT MISKELL Frederick, MD 1913 Harley-Davidson 9B Bert Miskell will be riding his 1913 Harley Davidson in his fourth Motorcycle Cannonball. As a novice antique motorcycle owner and rider in the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball, he became an obsessed, enthusiast well before the finish line in Carlsbad. When preparing for and riding in 2016, he discovered...Read More

#121 Bob Fuller

Humboldt, IL

1924 Harley Davidson FD


Hello, my name is Bob Fuller. I’m looking forward to riding in the cannonball again in 2023 on my 1924 Harley. See you down the road!!!!

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#126 Greg Porter

Hoyt, KS

1926 Harley Davidson JD

#127 Danny McMullen

Atkins, AR

1927 Harley Davidson JD

#128 Donard Maniaci

White Lake, MI

1928 Peugeot Griffon

My name is Donard Maniaci, I grew up in Southeast Michigan. I was born in 1960. My dad worked at Ford Transmission as a Engineer, I guess this would lay down the foundation as a future gearhead. One day my brother John, who is 12 years older than me, brought home a Suzuki 125cc. Our mother...Read More

#129 Joe Ferri

Export, PA

1931 Harley Davidson VL


At 66 years young I’ve been riding since the age of 12. My first bike was a 1969 Honda SL90 that I bought with a worn out and broken engine. I soon had it running and literally wore it out again. After a number of progressively larger dirt bikes I stumbled across a 51 Harley Davidson...Read More

#130 Cole Deister

Camp Verde, AZ

1930 Harley Davidson V

I have been associated with the Cannonball since 2014 in various roles of support and staff, decided it time to enter one as a rider. Since I have 12 Harley VL’s the choice of bike was easy and will be riding a 1930 VL which I also rode in the 2022 motorcycle chase. I am currently...Read More

#131 Steve EJ Hopkins

Bonduel, WI

1919 Harley Davidson J

#132 Greg Allen

Marshall, MI

1932 BMW R2


Hello, my name is Greg Allen from the beautiful Marshall MI – rider #32; many of you know me as “the motorcycle insurance guy”. For the 2021 Mini Chase I was riding my 1932 BMW R2.  My first ride was a 1972 Yamaha DR-125, followed by a 1972 Kawasaki H3-500 Triple.  My first cross country trip...Read More

#133 Rick Erdman

Bonduel, WI

1923 Harley Davidson J

Rick is a native of Wisconsin Rapids, WI where he was born to parents Harvey & Jean Erdman in 1959. Both parents owned & rode their own motorcycles so it was only natural that Rick developed a passion for riding at the early age of about 10. Rick lived in Colorado & worked as a carpenter...Read More

#136 John Roppel

Bayfield, Ontario Canada

1935 Harley Davidson VLD


My name is John Roppel. I am a retired CPA. My wife Sheila and I live on the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario Canada. This year, 2023, marks the 56th year I have been riding motorcycles. After participating in the Cross Country Chase 2022 on a 1949 Harley Davidson FL I wanted to try an...Read More

#135 Jeff Hamilton

Winter Haven, FL

1935 Harley Davidson VLD

#144 Richard Marcin

Alpine, Ca

1926 Harley Davidson J

#146 Matthew Miller

Cream Ridge, NJ

1926 Harley Davidson JD


Matt Miller #146 from Cream Ridge, NJ. This will be my first Cannonball. I’ve ridden in all 3 Cross Country Chase events and got hooked on the camaraderie that come with riding antique bikes across the country. I’ll be riding my 1926 Harley JD. Purchased about 5 years ago as a project. I’ve spent as much...Read More

#150 Tyler Golletti

Lisbon Falls, ME

1920 Harley Davidson J


My name is Tyler Golletti and I live in Topsham Maine. I’m 36 years old and operate a small construction company and a small motorcycle shop. I enjoy vacationing with my wife and two daughters, as well as motorcycle journeys or trips. I work part time in Rhode Island for Dick and also build a few...Read More

#151 Patrick Olson

New Braunfels, TX

1930 Harley Davidson VD

#154 Jake Reed

Frederick, MD

1915 Harley Davidson

Jake Reed Hagerstown, MD 1915 Harley-Davidson F Although Jake Reed will be riding in his first Motorcycle Cannonball, he is no novice to the Cannonball. He participated as mechanic for Team 119 in the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball Race of the Century. Jake is an accomplished restorer of vintage cars and trucks and more recently of antique...Read More

#156 Carlo Lujan

Auburn, CA

1930 Indian 101 Scout


a little history of us. been working on Harleys since mid 60’s, did lower end rebuilds for several shops in the bay area, wife Emma and I opened our full time shop in 1982 , Carlo‘s Custom Motorcycle parts, Concord Ca. drag racing in mid 80’s became national # 1 pro-dragster in 1988 DRAG BIKE series.  ...Read More

#157 Andrzej Koczwara

Saint Charles, IL

1929 BMW R11


Born and raised in Poland, now living in St.Charles Illinois. I’m a BMW enthusiast, i have restored many BMW motorcycles and am a collectionist. I am excited to be a part of the race this year!

Read More

#161 Otto Lukacs

Racalmas, Hungary

1929 Meray Jap 600


I am Otto Lukács from Hungary. I sat on a motorcycle when I was 10 years old and since then the love for these two tired machines has been a part of me. For more than 20 years I’ve been collecting and repairing pre-second world war bikes. In my small collection, there are American Indians, Harley...Read More

#164 Jay Wack

Harmony, PA

1931 Harley Davidson VL


Hi, my name is Jay. I’ve been an avid motorcycle rider for the last 45 years. I started riding at 16 on a Honda 360 that I bought off a family friend. My first Harley came from a scrap yard and I pieced it together in the garage on the farm. I’ve had many bikes and...Read More

#169 Connor Levenson

San Diego, CA

1912 Indian Single

#174 Phil Hines

Sarasota, FL

1929 Harley Davidson JD

#178 Laurence Luce

Huntington Beach, CA

Velocette MOV

#180 Allan Pleasanton

Millington, MD

1928 Indian 101 Scout

#181 Brian McCrocklin

Richmond, VA

1926 Harley Davidson JD


Hey Cannonballers, friends, and families! I’m Brian McCrocklin, rider number 181 and, one of the current owners of Departure Bike Works, here in Richmond, VA. I’ve dedicated the last 15 years of my life to riding and wrenching on antique two wheeled machines. What started out as a love of early mopeds turned into an obsession...Read More

#188 Grant Unruh

Great Bend, KS

1926 Harley Davidson JD

#191 Jeff Fredette

Beecher, IL

1927 Douglas EW350


I’m Jeff Fredette and have been riding motorcycles since about 10 years old. I’ve been racing them since i was 12 at local off-road events, and at 17 years old went out and tried my skills across the U.S.A. riding mostly enduros and then started riding for KTM, Suzuki and finally Kawasaki from 1983-2014 which through...Read More

#200 Andrew Babister

Hatfield, England

1926 Rudge Special Four-Four


I’m Andy Babister, from a small town about 30 minutes north of London, England. I’m enthusiastic about anything with a petrol engine be that old or new motorbikes or cars, and even more so anything that likes being driven fast on track. This year I’ll be riding a 1926 Rudge Four/Four 500cc owned and restored by...Read More